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A great training program should narrate a story and leave a lasting impression. Our RYS® 300 Hour Advanced Training is designed to build upon and deepen your understanding of the fundamental concepts of the practice and teaching of yoga. Our advanced training prepares you to teach principles and techniques of yoga that are more advanced, more detailed, and ultimately more powerful.

Almost a year in the making, our unique online learning platform elevates your advanced training journey experience and pushes the boundaries of what you can unlock during your time with us. It makes you think deeper and offers you a comprehensive advanced training with the ease and simplicity of Netflix. Our mentors bring over 30 years of hands-on experience from all aspects of the fitness world. Our training is recognised by Yoga Alliance, and upon completion you will become a RYT© 500.

It is the ultimate training for anyone who’s looking to become a knowledgeable yoga teacher and develop strong yoga teaching skills.

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Our Student eBook* makes it easy to get to the right page in an instant. Whether you’re immersed in a single session or bouncing between a few. You can also take and arrange your notes, highlight and save important paragraphs, and build your personalised yoga journey glossary.

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Night mode has been expanded to every section of our Student eBook. Switch to white-on-black text for easier reading in the dark — so you can get lost in the Gita and the adventures of Prince Arjuna without keeping anyone awake.

300-Hour Advanced Training eBook

Meet the mentors.

The trio behind Drishti Beats are industry leaders: Lori Lowell (2015 recipient of IHRSA’s Julie Main Woman Leadership Award), her husband Jeremy Lowell, an award-winning industry lecturer, and Asaf B. Goldfrid, a multi-talented stage and screen actor, producer, and fitness entrepreneur. The three have earned the reputation as the go-to professionals for the fitness industry for over two decades.

Lori Lowell

Lori Lowell has been a visionary leader serving the fitness education community for over three decades. She has transformed her life’s work and experience in the Fitness and Wellness industry into a yoga teacher training platform unlike any other. In 2013, she began to focus on yoga as her preferred path to elevating her physical and spiritual health. Lori is the recipient of the of the 2015 Julie Main Woman Leader Scholarship award:

“Let’s be brave, forthcoming and continue to acknowledge and honor everything that Julie stood for: courage, perseverance, excellence and professionalism. Let’s open our eyes to all of the amazing possibilities that stand in front of us.”

As an E-RYT© 500, YACEP©, she immersed herself into the development of a unique yoga teacher training model for other like-minded exercise enthusiasts who seek to become strong, competent and knowledgeable yoga teachers.

Lori Lowell

Asaf B. Goldfrid

Asaf B. Goldfrid is a British/Israeli stage and screen actor, Rescue Diver & Emergency First Responder Instructor, and a widely acclaimed fitness entrepreneur.

“When people ask, I usually say I’ve been practicing yoga in the bigger portion of my life. It’s true, I took my first yoga class when I was 15, and while yoga and I have seen our ups and downs, it’s been the backbone to my physical and mental health since I was a teenager.״

An avid vegan, environmentalist and a RYT© 500, Asaf’s track record for presenting at over 50 fitness-professional conventions is world class. He teaches successful strategies for fitness marketing and creating outstanding member experiences. His breadth of knowledge in branding and PR gives his audience practical tools to generate fitness buzz and build strong following.

Fun fact: The History Channel offered him the starring role of Jesus in Mankind: The Story of All of Us. Filmed in Morocco and over two years in the making, this global series was broadcast simultaneously in over 150 countries, and in more than 30 languages.
Asaf B Goldfrid - Drishti Beats

Jeremy Lowell

Having 30 years in the fitness/wellness and yoga industry Jeremy has taken the journey into Yoga and has committed to a strong yoga practice and teaching practice.  A dentist by trade, Jeremy has been able to take his masterful care-taking and bedside manner and transform it into a mindful and caring yoga teaching practice. An E-RYT© 500 and co-founder of Drishti Beats, Jeremy teaches his classes with a special delivery that gives students a clear understanding of position and breath while creating a comfortable space for which to practice.

Jeremy Lowell

Alysia Lowell

Alysia is a determined E-RYT 200 Drishti mentor with a strong focus on Power Vinyasa Yoga. Some of her other trainings and passions are in Yin, Restorative, and Rocket Yoga. Alysia’s Vinyasa classes are fun, creative, and challenging. She playfully invites her students to try new things and to flow outside of their comfort zone with safe alignment. Follow her journey and practice on Instagram.

Alysia Lowell

Ariel Lowell

Ariel, our  musical yoga goddess is also a successful business woman with her own spa who finds bliss living and painting by the beach in San Diego. With a degree in musical performing arts, Ariel composes and performs for the world using a sexy, laid back, yet raspy spice-infused voice. She writes and sings all vocals on the Drishti Beats tracks. Ariel is an accomplished Yoga instructor, having completed 200 hours of Raja Yoga Training in Costa Rica. She tours internationally with Drishti Beats and teaches Yoga in San Diego. She is here to guide you through beautiful flows.

300-Hour Advanced Online Training

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From the subarbs of Ohio and a small village outside Nairobi, to London's Big Smoke and Seoul's skyscrapers, Drishti trainees from around the world talk about their online yoga teacher training experience.

Amparo | Buenos Aires, Argentina [8min]

Chaz | Florida, USA [9min]

Stefan | London, UK [8min]

Arti | Ohio, USA [12min]

— Luca Callini, Project Manager and Test Director at NASA & National Trainer/Presenter – BODYPUMP™ and BODYFLOW® at Les Mills US

" I have been teaching mind/body classes for over 7 years and I had found that I wanted to deepen my knowledge of yoga to be able to bring more to my participants: more “why” behind the movements, more history behind this ancient practice, and just in general more authenticity.  For quite a while now, I have been looking for a 200 hr yoga teacher training program.  There are seemingly many options out there, but for someone with a full time career and a family, while still teaching classes and training group fitness instructors around the country, many of those options turned out to be unfeasible due to the intense time commitment required for in-person workshops: I simply couldn’t (and didn’t want to) put my life on hold for weeks as it would throw off my life/work balance, which is one of my most important values.  Enter Drishti Beats yoga teacher training: an online program that I can go through at my own pace, which also means I can go back and review the material as many times as I like, especially when work or life force me to take a little longer break in between my practices.  Just like yoga, I am never ahead or behind: I am exactly where I need to be in the moment.  Even in just a few weeks, I feel like I have gained so much knowledge on the “why” of poses and sequences – and I have been able to immediately apply that in my classes.  Also, it’s a deeply music-based program and as a former choir singer I am extremely musical and this aspect appealed to me, as the classes I teach make prominent use of music. "

"I feel so grateful to have had Drishti Beats recommended to me at the time it was, and it has been one of the times in my life where I have been blessed to feel like I am truly in the right place and doing the right thing… I could say I feel as though I am following my true north, my Svadharma..."  ~ Read More

— Elizabeth J.
Drishti Beats Student, 2020

Why us?

Our self-paced virtual learning platform comes with several advantages that will enhance your yoga teacher training performance, and will ensure that you are on the right path to unlocking your true teaching potential.

Power to the student (you)

Some students might have a photographic memory and only need to skim through the material once, whereas others might need to review it a few times to truly understand the content. With our self-paced learning platform the time pressure that exists during live classrooms is lifted. Students that require more time no longer need to scramble through content and frantically scribble notes.

We respect your learning style

Students have different learning styles. While one student is just understanding the first sentence, another student could be almost finished with the task. Students who prefer to complete the material quickly will not have to wait for others. Conversely, there are some people who might prefer to review the material multiple times to improve their performance. With self-paced learning we make it possible for you to adapt your optimal pace is learning style throughout this journey.

Improves memory

Human memory is the process by which information and material is encoded, stored, and retrieved in the brain. Since students have no time pressure, their long-term memory of genuine understanding of ideas and concepts has been demonstrated to improve performance. The reason one decides to embark on a yoga teacher training journey, is not only to complete it as accurately as possible, but to also absorb the information that is given. We even argue that the latter is most important.

You make the schedule

‘When do I have time for this?’ Self-paced learning makes it possible for students to structure their learning in their own time. There are no set deadlines is in our virtual yoga teacher training. Students decide for themselves when to continue. At the same time, staying engaged on a regular basis has been shown in all learning environments to be most optimal.