Hello Jeremy and Lori,

I wanted to reach out and extend my gratitude for your commitment to the training program and to me specifically. I get so much from listening to the two of you on the weekly calls, mostly from your authentic support of all of us and how you show up each time. I just got the feedback from Jeremy on my BG notes and I was touched by the way in which he responded with so much wisdom and nurture in the most conversational way. I feel that way about all of the feedback I have been given on my videos and uploads and I thought it was worth sharing so that you can feel some of that love and support in return.

I feel so grateful to have had Drishti Beats recommended to me at the time it was, and it has been one of the times in my life where I have been blessed to feel like I am truly in the right place and doing the right thing… I could say I feel as though I am following my true north, my Svadharma? There are less than a handful of people I have known in my life that give off the vibe that I get from each of you, individually. You have been a gift to me and will have an effect on my life forever.

Was that too deep? Am I not supposed to say that to people I’ve never even seen in person? oh well! I am who I am so you get what you get!

Until next time…

~ Elizabeth