Drishti Beats Teams Up With Ethno (Aka Jeffrey Franca Of Thievery Corporation) For “Gemini Eyes”

Gemini Eyes - Drishti Beats


FFO: Bluetech, Thievery Corporation & Equanimous

About “Gemini Eyes”. Livetronica band and yoga collective Drishti Beats is excited to announce the release of their new collaboration with Jeffrey Franca’s new project ETHNO titled “Gemini Eyes.” Best known as the drummer for Thievery Corporation, Jeffrey produced the track, lead Drishti Beats’ singer Ariel provides the vocals, and Ricardo of Drishti plays masterful saxophone. Lead singer Ariel’s highly emotive vocals set the stage for the track’s super smooth yet sexy vibe. Seamlessly fusing reggae, ambient sounds, jazz, and downtempo electronica, “Gemini Eyes” is the perfect mixture of organic and electronic based sounds. The single was inspired by the feeling one gets when connecting with their soulmate or twin flame. With lyrics like “Glowing in your presence, connected and reflecting, is it too good to be true, I see my soul inside you,” “Gemini Eyes” exudes a euphoric yet sensual vibe. The single will be released via all major digital music platforms on Friday, June 11th.

About ETHNO. Denver based producer and drummer ETHNO, real name Jeffrey Franca is inspired by his love for global rhythms. Best known as the drummer for Thievery Corporation, he breathes new life and a modern sound to the timeless experience of terrestrial vibration. Incorporating rhythms and melodies from across Africa, Asia, Caribbean, and South America, the lush textures and thumping bass are designed to move through your chakras. Recently dropping remixes under Gravitas and Westwood Recordings, ETHNO’s highly anticipated EP is scheduled for release later this year. His music directly reflects Jeffrey’s philosophies on life, creativity, and artistic expression.

“Gemini Eyes’ was inspired by the connection you feel when interacting with your soulmate or your twin flame. The song describes the deep sense of finally arriving home which motivates one to explore deeper into the connection they have with someone. And when you are in that time of bliss, there is a powerful energy that fuels you.” 

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