Michelle LeMay & Luis Rosario, founders of Groove Temple pioneered the Conscious Clubbing scene in L.A. As the first brand to fuse live DJ electronic music with Yoga, Dance & Sound Healing.

When these 2 trendsetting artists united there was an explosion of Shakti Energy! Luis, a DJ/Producer, Professional Mix Engineer, & career Software Engineer mixed with Michelle, a Yogini Goddess, International Dance Choreographer, and Health Expert,  created the perfect blend for High Quality Conscious Dance Club Events.

Both having backgrounds as dancers, DJs, and also founders of their own dance companies. They created something super special that has been going strong in Los Angeles for the past 10 years. The Groove Temple Experience is one that comes with great passion & wisdom providing a template on how to party healthy.

Groove Temple Live is an Intentional Yoga-Dance-Meditation Experience that inspires you to break out of your box and raise your vibration. You’ll open your mind & body for your BEST dance experience possible within a juicy Underground Yoga™ warm up. You’ll Ignite your most powerful authentic dancer thru sparse inspirational guidance within a beautiful seamless electronic musical journey. You’ll discover a whole new level of Peace within a nurturing and rebalancing Sound Bath.

EXPERIENCE: Groove Temple Live , Underground Yoga Dance