Presenting Artist


Strong values, passion for organization + functionality, and daily movement has supported my life’s path and led to thriving after years of confusion, misalignment, and heartache.

It was finding a strong yoga practice that helped me develop the awareness of what is sacred and necessary, to live an extraordinary life beyond materialistic and external experiences.

I use perspective to counsel myself and others to see, feel, and remember what is truly important in this lifetime: To only hold onto things, thoughts, relationships, and experiences that uplift and elevate us. This is my superpower strength.

You don’t have to visit an ashram, or live like a monk, to live simply. When you are dedicated to making space in your body through yoga, or any type of feel-good movement, and leave space inside of your home, you are telling the Universe you are ready to receive what you deeply, truly, desire.

MASTERCLASS: Move Space Magic