Presenting Artist


Jamie is a whole-hearted yoga teacher who thrives on learning and teaching. She designs seemingly fluid and intelligent sequences that invite her students to find the strength within, to soar past their limiting beliefs and to discover their authentic selves. She invites her students to “show up” as they are in all their perfect imperfections.

Jamie plants the seeds of self-reflection so her students can bloom on their own time, encouraging them to explore the depths of their being and see if anything is unfelt. Dedicated to her students Jamie strives to share the practice of yoga in ways that make a profound lasting difference in their lives. A soulful and wise voice, Jaime is a respected and beloved teacher and mentor to teachers. Her offerings are infused with a profound wisdom and clear ability to bring out a student’s innate confidence and ability to heal, connect, and source truth.

She loves astrology, studying relationships as a spiritual practice, healing trauma with somatic work and neuroscience. In addition to being a yoga teacher Jamie is also an Astrologer and Life Coach.

MASTERCLASSES: Journey through the Chakras, Somatic Flow