Presenting Artist


A left-handed Sagittarian with a natural disposition for creative flourishings, flowetic motion and visionary musings, I aspire to inspire each and every beings’ divine bliss, so that all may shine in sovereign abundance and reflect our true, infinite nature, and radiate verdant harmony upon our beloved planet,  Pachamama Earth.

I consider myself an omni-directional meta-theorist and “archetypal activator” of ancient-future rememberings, envisioning a more imaginative, sustainable, open source, heart-centered future, as I dedicate myself to an ever-expansive evolution through personal practices and life-lesson reflections.

Born with an unquenchable thirst for testing boundaries in pursuit of truths, with a voracious appetite to learn/teach as much as I humanly can, my many passions include transformational alchemy, tandem expressions, new paradigm spirit-sciences, travel,  and expanding my bio-physical capabilities through movement and ecstatic dance.

LECTURE: New Paradigm of Medicine

MASTERCLASS: Into the World of Hoop Dance