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Welcome volunteer!

Volunteers are the face of the Drishti Beats Yoga & Music Festival 2020, and the success of the festival depends on your contribution! You’ll get free entry, training, support from an experienced team, access to staff facilities,  a place to chill and charge with other volunteers, and plenty of time to enjoy the festival.

Drishti Beats Yoga and Music Festival volunteers do almost everything: guide attendees around, welcome star artists, and help lost visitors. We know the festival could not be held without our volunteers and so we thank you for your interest. Our intention is to work towards creating the best experience for you and all of this year’s attendees.

Volunteers will be directly involved in assisting festival operations during the festival weekend. You will be expected to play an active role in helping to create a positive and exciting atmosphere, to contribute to the overall success of the festival. Festival volunteers pay their own hotel and transportation costs. However, your festival attendance is free.

In principle, volunteers will be required to work for three days during festival. Depending on the festival schedules, the content or location of volunteer activities, and working shifts, the number of days volunteers will be required to work may be reduced to less than three days.

Volunteers will work approximately eight hours per day* including rest breaks and standby times. 8:00 am – 4:00 pm, 4:00 pm – midnight Friday and Saturday and 8:00 am – 4:00 pm Sunday.
*Actual shift lengths depend on festival schedules, activities, activity sites, etc.
*Meal breaks are not included in the volunteer working hours.

Applicants must fulfil the following two requirements:

  • Born on or before 1 June, 2002
  • U.S national or person with a valid visa permitting residence in the U.S during the volunteer period (temporary visitors included)

March 1, 2020 through May 1, 2020
*Please note that a further application period may be held depending on the preparation status.

Those applicants who attend the orientation and training sessions and are assigned a volunteer role will be offered the chance to become a Drishti Beats YMF2020 volunteer.
Please note that the above offer will be canceled in the event of any of the following:

  • The volunteer requests the offer to be canceled
  • The volunteer engages in any activity that damages the image of the festival
  • The volunteer engages in any activity that severely obstructs or damages teamwork
  • The volunteer engages in any activity that is deemed as a hindrance, annoyance, etc. to any attendees or festival-related personnel
  • Any information contained in the original application form is clearly found to be false

To secure your space all required documentation, a completed and signed application, and a deposit must be submitted.

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