Unlock the secret of arm balancing:

It’s easy to get rattled by arm balances. If you’re like most people, you approach arm balances with anxiety, fearing that your arms may not be strong enough to get you airborne and that you might wind up with bruises on your body—and ego. What often gets over-looked is that arm balances require you to relax deeply and release many of your joints and muscles. That’s not to say you can forget all about strength. But if your upper body is strong enough to support a healthy Plank Pose or a Chaturanga, you probably don’t need any more arm strength than you already have.

In this fun, challenging CE Workshop Alysia will teach you how to cultivate a playful and curiosity as you being to execute arm balances with greater mindfulness and ease as part of your repertoire. Often we over-rely on force when working with these balancing poses rather than understanding the essential biomechanics involved in them. The feeling of weightlessness and confidence that we can find once we unlock these postures tends to bring up a sense of great achievement and resilience.

Who is this for:

This online yoga workshop is open to any current and aspiring yoga teachers, as well as enthusiastic students who wish to dive deeper into arm balances. Once completed, you will improve your ability to guide yourself and your students safely and effectively into a wide variety of arm balances poses that have direct affect on our natural sense of achievement.

How long do I have access to this continuing education workshop?

Life long access to all your workshop materials, just like all our other workshops and trainings. So you can access the online curriculum every time you need to reflect and refresh your knowledge.

Mentor: Alysia Lowell

Alysia completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with CorePower Yoga; with a focus on Power Vinyasa Yoga. She continued on her journey and completed her RYT-300  training with Kindness Yoga in 2017.  Some of her other trainings and passions are in Yin, Restorative, and Rocket Yoga. Alysia’s Vinyasa classes are fun, creative, and challenging. She playfully invites her students to try new things and to flow outside of their comfort zone with safe alignment.

Alysia Lowell
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