[PREMIERE] Drishti Beats Get “Mellow” On Forthcoming EP


Reel in the changing of seasons with Drishti Beats‘ new single “Mellow” off their upcoming EP release Paradise High.

by Dane Remo (original article)

Drishti Beats is an intimate downtempo infusion of electronic music pouring with blossoms of saxophone, tribal beats, reflections of jazz, and the spellbinding voice of the groups’ frontwoman Ariel Lowell. In their lead single “Mellow,” lyric-heavy vocals sway Fall leaves into the Earth as we cozy up with Paradise Highfor the Winter. Take note of this track for your next yoga playlist or night by the fire. The new EP will be released December 1, 2017 but you can get an exclusive listen to “Mellow” here.

“Just close your eyes. Float to the sky. Come to find that all the time around you stops. Smoke another dose of love and breathe out all the bad you never thought you actually had.”

Comprised of six members, Drishti Beats is a group of instructors and musicians that create music arranged for the yoga experience. They are what some might refer to as, ‘the whole package.’ Infusing the energy of their music into the flow of vinyasa gives the team a surrounding warmth that feels extra extra cozy. Founding yoga instructors Lori and Jeremy lead the mindful yoga portion in attunement of live musicians. This includes saxophonist Ricardo, DJ Ryan, beatboxer Alec, and the above mentioned Ariel with vocals. Together, they have performed and taught across the globe at places like Lightning in a Bottle (Bradley, CA), Sonic Bloom (Colorado), and various yoga expos. So be sure to keep an eye out for new shows, local experiences, music releases, and more!

Drishti Beats Goes to CTIA Expo

Drishti Beats has been invited to CTIA Expo—the biggest wireless technology conference in the world — on September 9th through 11th

Now that the video has premiered on The Huffington Post‘s entertainment page, we would love to announce that Drishti Beats has been invited to CTIA Expo—the biggest wireless technology conference in the world — on September 9th through 11th. This is the first time in the history of CTIA that a yoga practice will be integrated into the conference. Fitness and technology have never been so closely linked as they are now. Drishti Beats are on the forefront of bringing traditional Yoga practice with contemporary music and cutting edge technology to a holistic and beneficial experience for all who participate.

This will be a connected yoga experience combining such leading brands as Under Armour, Atlas Wearables, FitSense, IndieHealth, Polar, Withings, DotFIT and more. Attendees have an opportunity to participate in this groundbreaking experience. We have reserved a limited number of yoga mats for media to participate in the practice and/or meet with the team behind Drishti Beats. No experience required.