Drishti Beats Festival 2022 (188)

Drishti Beats Yoga and Music Festival Press Release

Drishti Beats Yoga and Music Festival - Snowmass Village, CO July 8 - 10, 2022

Awaken your soul-deep in the mountains of Colorado for three days and nights of transformative music, yoga, and bliss with world-renowned performances, DJ sets, yoga classes, lectures, and beyond.

Drishti Beats was born out of the meshing of yoga and high vibrational dance music passions. A burning desire to create something genuinely unique between the yoga and dance music worlds came together perfectly through a fiery passion and crystal clear vision, and the Drishti Beats Vinyasa Flow Experience was born. Initially starting on small stages at niche festivals around fitness conventions and yoga gatherings, the Drishti brand has now prospered into a well-known, must-see yoga and live music experience. Drishti, as a band, has dominated significant music festivals like EDC Las Vegas, Lightning in a Bottle, European staple Mysteryland and many events in between. The live band provides chill electronic beats, melodic live voice, rap/beatbox, percussion, and saxophone to curate an experience truly one of a kind.

Drishti Beats Yoga and Music Festival will provide an eclectic yet refined selection of some of the world’s best DJs, yoga instructors, lecturers, and beyond.

Drishti Beats Festival 2022 (188)
Drishti Beats Performing Live at the Drishti Beats Yoga & Music Festival 2022

While on the yoga side of things, Drishti founders Lori and Jeremy Lowell bring their love (and ever-growing mastery) of yoga to the masses. From the first beat, they effortlessly glide and flow through various poses, postures, and positions for every skill level and ability, allowing one to feel perfectly at home on their mat and within themselves. Whether it is your first time taking a yoga class or you have surpassed your 300 hour yoga accreditation, Drishti Beats provides a safe space to breathe, relax, and flow as their spirited sounds and flows awaken your soul.

The time has come for Drishti to set their sights on the next chapter of their incredible journey as they dive headfirst into their own curated festival taking place in Snowmass Village, Colorado, this July 8-10. Drishti Beats Yoga and Music Festival will provide an eclectic yet refined selection of some of the world’s best DJs, yoga instructors, lecturers, and beyond. Set to deliver three days and nights of soul-shaking music, heart-opening yoga, mind-expanding workshops, lectures, art, and more, Drishti Beats Yoga and Music Festival truly has something for everyone.

Presenting Speakers

This year’s festival leaves no stone unturned in its quest to expand the minds and lift the spirits of attendees higher than they’ve ever experienced before, be sure to open your mind to the visionary concepts of Meow Wolf founder Vince Kadlubek as he dives deep into imagination and dishes on the birth and growth of the now behemoth immersive art installation. Also taking the stage over the weekend will be esteemed breath-work master Bryant (a.k.a iKAR) Wood will also grace the stage at this year’s festival as he transcends space and time through breath-work and energy practices to connect with his audience like never before.  

See the full speaker lineup posted here. 

Presenting Yoga Teachers

Leading attendees through a multitude of class offerings for all abilities, styles, and practices will be none other than yoga artist and connection catalyst Andrew Sealey. Sealy has opened the portal into a realm of personal growth and self-discovery through yoga, connection, and movement. A true must-see for all attendees on their journey of self-discovery. Also delivering his high-vibrational energy with the festival will be Jonah Kest. Through various modalities, Kest brings his knowledge of yoga, meditation, and training to the Drishti Beats stage, which is second to none. An accredited master trainer from Nike, Kest delivers a decisive direction for consciousness expansion through yoga. While attendees can find the entire yoga lineup below, the depth and breadth of our yoga lineup will genuinely provide something for everyone. All are welcome here for a judgment-free, exclusion-free weekend experience for yogis of all shapes and sizes.

See Full Yoga Lineup Posted here>

Presenting Music Artists

The vibes come up when the sun goes down, and the Drishti Beats Yoga and Music Festival will come alive in a technicolor whirlwind of glittering lights, booming bass, and mind-blowing sets from some of dance music’s brightest (and blossoming) stars. Three nights of dance-floor bliss await. Burning Man mainstays, Desert Dwellers, bring their deep, sensual dance floor grooves to the mountains of Colorado. Rounding out Friday, July 8, will be Axel Thesleff as he brings his mega-hit “Bad Karma” to Drishti and vibey sets from David Starfire and Tor along with Dj Taz Rashid, and local support TBA.

Saturday, July 9, catch a firey headlining performance from Phantoms as their scintillating synth riffs, powerful basslines, and infectious hits such as “Say It,” “Are You Up,” and more to this year’s festival. The California-based duo has racked up over 10million streams on Spotify alone and is approaching one million + regular monthly listeners. After touring the nation and playing some of America’s most prestigious festivals, Phantoms will be the weekend’s set to see come July. Also taking the stage on Saturday will be Mau5trap Records mainstay and Deadmau5 collaborator Attlas, and dreamtempo maestro IHF, Frameworks, and Earthcry. Local house DJs DJ Lo_G, Ryan Golbus, DJ Meeshel, and All These Diamonds will be warming up the dance floor on Saturday night. 

Sunday, July 10, brings us all back to Earth with some of the weekend’s most inclusive and mind-expanding beats as headliner The Polish Ambassador takes us on a journey through sound. His uplifting and passionate sonic rhythms bounce and undulate throughout diverse crowd favorites from his hit record, Pushing Through Pavement, and much more. This blissed-out weekend of music in the mountains will also feature festival-favorites Random Rab, Edamame, Bosa, and Lapa. At the same time, our weekend of connection, expansion, and love will eventually come to a close Sunday night. That is not before our entire collective experience culminates with a live performance from Drishti Beats themselves as we transcend space and time to find ourselves flowing in communal harmony on the dance floor. 

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Gemini Eyes - Drishti Beats

Drishti Beats Teams Up With Ethno (Aka Jeffrey Franca Of Thievery Corporation) For “Gemini Eyes”


Gemini Eyes - Drishti Beats


FFO: Bluetech, Thievery Corporation & Equanimous

About “Gemini Eyes”. Livetronica band and yoga collective Drishti Beats is excited to announce the release of their new collaboration with Jeffrey Franca’s new project ETHNO titled “Gemini Eyes.” Best known as the drummer for Thievery Corporation, Jeffrey produced the track, lead Drishti Beats’ singer Ariel provides the vocals, and Ricardo of Drishti plays masterful saxophone. Lead singer Ariel’s highly emotive vocals set the stage for the track’s super smooth yet sexy vibe. Seamlessly fusing reggae, ambient sounds, jazz, and downtempo electronica, “Gemini Eyes” is the perfect mixture of organic and electronic based sounds. The single was inspired by the feeling one gets when connecting with their soulmate or twin flame. With lyrics like “Glowing in your presence, connected and reflecting, is it too good to be true, I see my soul inside you,” “Gemini Eyes” exudes a euphoric yet sensual vibe. The single will be released via all major digital music platforms on Friday, June 11th.

About ETHNO. Denver based producer and drummer ETHNO, real name Jeffrey Franca is inspired by his love for global rhythms. Best known as the drummer for Thievery Corporation, he breathes new life and a modern sound to the timeless experience of terrestrial vibration. Incorporating rhythms and melodies from across Africa, Asia, Caribbean, and South America, the lush textures and thumping bass are designed to move through your chakras. Recently dropping remixes under Gravitas and Westwood Recordings, ETHNO’s highly anticipated EP is scheduled for release later this year. His music directly reflects Jeffrey’s philosophies on life, creativity, and artistic expression.

“Gemini Eyes’ was inspired by the connection you feel when interacting with your soulmate or your twin flame. The song describes the deep sense of finally arriving home which motivates one to explore deeper into the connection they have with someone. And when you are in that time of bliss, there is a powerful energy that fuels you.” 

Listen to “Gemini Eyes” Here>

Drishti Beats Mentor & Co-Founder Lori Lowell Receives the Julie Main Woman Leader Scholarship Award

Lori Lowell, Drishti Beats mentor, co-founder and fitness visionary, is the winner of the 2015 Julie Main Woman Leader Scholarship award (#throwbackthursday)

Lori Lowell, Drishti Beats mentor, co-founder and fitness visionary, is the winner of the 2015 Julie Main Woman Leader Scholarship award.


IHRSA celebrates the legacy of Julie Main by awarding the Julie Main Woman Leader Scholarship to a woman who exemplifies what Julie stood for: courage, perseverance, excellence, and professionalism. Lori Lowell, Drishti Beats mentor, co-founder and fitness visionary, is the winner of the 2015 Julie Main Woman Leader Scholarship award.

Root Down - Drishti Beats

Live Yoga Bass Collective Drishti Beats Releases "Root Down"

Root Down - Drishti Beats

Drishti Beats is breaking chains and taking charge in 2020 as they deliver and dominate the downtempo electronic sound that connects us together as one. One sound, one vibe, one element that all festival goers will enjoy time and time over.

By Kaelyn Gray

Our favorite live yoga bass collection and family electronic group Drishti Beats is back with another single, titled “Root Down.” Signature to its global bass driven sound design, a peaceful and atmospheric introduction paves the way to euphonious instrumentals. Violin strings transport you into a mystic wonderland, exactly where the artwork displays, until you take a sharp turn into a worldly and bass-driven expedition. As you journey on, rapper Alec’s inspiring and hyphy lyrical flow overlays the innovative soundscape. “Root Down” juxtaposes complex layers of sound with a soothing environmental ambience. The result is the perfect concoction of sonic reverie that leaves you fulfilled by merely being alive.

Online Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Alliance Accreditation for Online Yoga Teacher Training

online yoga teacher training

Yoga Alliance – the governing body of Yoga Schools now offers accreditation for online virtual trainings.  Drishti Beats is at the pulse of this accreditation with their high end sophisticated online system ready to go and students are joining with excitement and gratefulness.  The Drishti Beats 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training online platform parallels their live training following all Yoga Alliance standards and guidelines.

Since the drastic Coronavirus outbreak which is keeping us home and isolated the acclaimed governing body of yoga standards, Yoga Alliance, took the gracious and generous step in allowing their registered yoga schools to provide teacher trainings online and virtually.  

Yoga Alliance who has only accredited live teacher trainings in the past is now helping schools stay alive and well. Drishti Beats Yoga Teacher Training was well prepared. Their online study program in conjunction with the required Yoga Alliance virtual “contact hours” is keeping yogi’s seeking to become accredited yoga teachers engaged and able to sign up and work from home.  

Lori and Jeremy Lowell, co founders of Drishti Beats Music, Programming, and Yoga Teacher Training School immediately reached out to their current students and students seeking a Yoga Alliance accreditation training.  “Many students cannot afford the money or time to participate in live trainings and that is why we created our online platform a year ago” says Lori. The program has been extremely successful. Now, with Yoga Alliance accreditation, we have an abundant of students enrolling and finding success and enjoyment being in the program as they now have time to take on the work during COVID-19.  “While the earth rests and people learn patience, and the art of staying home as part of the solution to COVID-19, the opportunity to reflect, learn, grow and become a beautiful, competent, knowledgable yoga instructors is now at students fingertips through our Drishti Beats Yoga Teacher Training platform” says Jeremy.  

“We have one student who had to leave Bali in the middle of her training due to COVID-19, came home without her certificate and found us, has enrolled, started from scratch but is now on her way to completion and accreditation in the safety of her own home and space.  Teaching, serving and helping our students is our goal.  Our schools mission is to ensure that every graduating student is ready to go out to their communities and teach a strong, outstanding yoga class.  No one is left behind with Drishti Beats Yoga Teacher Training”.

“Yoga Alliance has saved our school” reflects Lori.  “Having to cancel our trainings, online/virtual has allowed us to continue to operate.  We are so grateful for Yoga Alliance with their conscious and quick effort to help their accredited schools.  Learn more about the 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Approved Online Yoga Teacher Training or visit the School Profile on Yoga Alliance.