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Yoga Alliance Top 15 Best Online Yoga Teacher Training Certifications 2022


Last updated: June 22, 2022

By Lori Lowell, Drishti Beats mentor, co-founder and fitness visionary, is the  2015 Julie Main Woman Leader Award recipient. She often interviews for Ask An Expert in Club Solutions Magazine, regularly appears on Club Industry, and is an accomplished E-RYT 500.

Best Online Yoga Teacher Training Certifications Yoga Alliance
Source: Yoga Alliance

So this is probably, like, the 45th article you’ve read about The Best Online Yoga Teacher Training and The Top Yoga Teacher Training Certifications.  You’re probably pretty sick and tired of trying to figure out which yoga school to trust with your yoga education and why different websites rate them the way they do. I get it.

While yoga has historically been and will continue to be a hands-on journey, trying times call for new explorations. The natural freedom of yoga lends itself to adaptability. This adaptability has been embraced in some of the best online yoga teacher training certifications available and approved by the Yoga Alliance.

A lot of “advice” out there tries to deconstruct online yoga teacher trainings into these nice little lists, as if you can just find the right yoga school (!) by clicking on an affiliate link (more on this later on) like you’re going grocery shopping in the today’s special aisle. And sure, you probably should google “the top…” and “the best…” and all that, as we will see, but to me, all of these affiliate lists seem like slapping a couple of sun salutations in the middle of a savasana. Technically, they don’t really hurt to read, but by themselves, they don’t actually answer the question. Which are the best online yoga teacher training certifications out there right now? Luckily, Yoga Alliance holds the answer to that question.

The Top 15 Best Online Yoga Teacher Training Certifications According To Yoga Alliance Reviews 2022:

  1. Drishti Beats  Rating 4.94 | NPS 9.8
  2. Yoga Farm  Rating 4.90 | NPS 9.4
  3. Zazyoga  Rating 4.88 | Hidden NPS
  4. Akasha Yoga Academy  Rating 4.87 | NPS 9.3
  5. Yoga International | Mazé Method  Rating 4.87 | NPS 9.2
  6. Brett Larkin Uplifted Yoga  Rating 4.83  | NPS 8.9
  7. YogaRenew  Rating 4.82 | NPS 9.1
  8. Online Yoga School  Rating 4.82 | NPS 9.0
  9. Siddhi Yoga  Rating 4.82 | Hidden NPS
  10. My Vinyasa Practice  Rating 4.79 | NPS 8.7
  11. Sampoorna Yoga  Rating 4.69 | NPS 8.1
  12. East+West  Rating 4.65 | NPS Hidden
  13. The Kaivalya Yoga Method  Rating 4.62 | Hidden NPS
  14. Samadhi Yoga Ashram  Rating 4.61 | Hidden NPS
  15. Santosha Yoga  Rating 4.29 | NPS Hidden

My goal for this article is to give you a well-rounded understanding on how to do your own research into the best online yoga teacher trainings that are currently available to you. It is essential to weigh your best options when deciding which school to trust with your money. But even more importantly, with your yoga education. So, let’s help you find the online yoga teacher training certification that is right for you.

Who is Yoga Alliance?

Composed of over 7,000 Registered Yoga Schools (RYS) and more than 100,000 Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT) as of April of 2020, Yoga Alliance is the largest nonprofit association representing the yoga community. Their mission is to “foster and support the high quality, safe, accessible, and equitable teaching of yoga.”

Advocacy is a key component of the Yoga Alliance, but they have taken it to the next level to ensure quality and safety in yoga teaching and practice by:

  • Creating quantitative standards for yoga instruction
  • Establishing a member-wide Ethical Commitment that includes a Code of Conduct, Scope of Practice, and dedication to equity.
  • Fostering accountability through fair and full feedback regarding RYSs.

Why Does The Yoga Alliance Certification Matter?

Founded in 1999 to protect diversity and set quality standards for yoga training and teaching, Yoga Alliance has worked diligently to improve the yoga education experience and continue to help positively shape its progression. Thus, the Yoga Alliance-approved certification has become the benchmark by which most practitioners measure trainings and teachers.

So, why does the Yoga Alliance Certification matter? Because it is the most highly respected authority on yoga training. The immense work and collaboration that went into their 18-month Standards Review Project has ensured that quality yoga teachers are available and accessible.

This is the reason why many fitness facilities, gyms, and studios require yoga teachers to become certified with a Yoga Alliance-approved program.

To become a certified yoga teacher, you need to complete a 200 hour program. Although different schools offer shorter certificate programs, in terms of the number of hours, Yoga Alliance requires that you to receive 200 hours of educational training, at a minimum, before becoming a recognized yoga teacher.

As part of the Yoga Alliance Social Credentialing system, trainees that complete a teacher training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS) are required to review and give feedback on the school and their yoga teacher training journey before they are able to continue registering as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). In other words, Yoga Alliance isn’t telling you one training is better than another, the students are. They become the eyes and ears for Yoga Alliance in teacher trainings around the world, and the yoga community becomes more accountable as a whole.

How Yoga Schools Get Reviewed?

During the RYT application process, all trainees are required to review the school, staff, and the yoga program they completed. The survey asks trainees to provide feedback on:

  • Whether the syllabus reflects what was taught during the training
  • Whether the training met the outlined learning objectives
  • Whether the number of Lead Teacher Contact hours matched the course description
  • Whether or not they would recommend the teacher training

Trainees also have an option to leave general comments and this is when things get interesting.

Overall School Rating

Yoga Alliance Social Credentialing System is intended to provide future yoga teachers (so you) with useful information when choosing the right yoga teacher training certification. Each Registered Yoga School must have a public profile that includes a rating, between one and five stars. This is the unit of measurement of the quality of the teacher training program based on the schools’s past alumni experiences.

Each yoga school can choose to publish on its own public profile the reviews former trainees left upon graduation. If a yoga school wishes to publish any of the comments provided, then all comments will be made public and attributable to the reviewer. Now, think about it for a second. Yoga helps us cultivate a deep sense of surrender (pranidhana) to life. It is about self-awareness (Svādhyāya), trust (Shraddha), and community (Kula). If a yoga school chooses NOT to make its hard earned reviews public on Yoga Alliance directory to people like you, that should be your first red flag.

We as teachers, mentors, and schools should have a clear understanding of the value of teaching yoga as a service and being of service to others through our own teachings.

What Is Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a standard business measure of loyalty and enthusiasm. It is important to note that unlike the Overall School Rating, the NPS is not a measurement of the quality of the teacher training program, or any other business, (not directly anyway), but rather a reflection on how likely trainees who already completed the training are actively recommending the training to the yoga community at large.

NPS ratings are calculated by taking each trainee’s response, to the same question as the Overall School Rating (i.e. “How likely are you to recommend this teacher training to a friend?”), and putting them into one of three groups:

  • Ratings of 9 – 10 are considered “promoters.” These trainees are likely to be enthusiastic about urging their friends to take this teacher training certification.
  • Ratings of 7 – 8 are considered “passives.” These trainees are satisfied with the teacher training, but are not likely to be recommending the training to others.
  • Ratings of 6 or less are considered “detractors.” These trainees are unhappy with their experience and unlikely to recommend the school to others.

Yoga Alliance Net Promoter Score NPS
Yoga Alliance Net Promoter Score NPS

The NPS is calculated by taking the percentage of promoters minus the percentage of detractors. The resulting number is a measure of how likely the trainees, who have completed the training, are to actively recommend the training to others.

Like with the reviews, a yoga school can choose whether to display the Net Promoter Score (NPS) on the school’s public profile. If it’s not there, well there is your second red flag. Just ask yourself this question: “Why would a school choose to hide such an important factor from the yoga community?”

What Is Public and What Is Not?

Overall School Rating will always be publicly visible on the school’s profile within Yoga Alliance. Trainees rate from 0-10 how likely they are to recommend a yoga teacher training program, and this is converted to a five-star rating. Beyond the public Overall School Rating, schools can decide what other information is shown on their public profile related to:

  • Training content ratings and comments
  • Knowledge/teaching skills ratings and comments
  • Net Promoter Score
  • General comments

Here is a sample School Evaluation Survey to give you an idea how the rating system works:

Yoga School Evaluation Survey
Yoga School Evaluation Survey

Your Best Interest Or Theirs

We are increasingly researching the internet for the advice and experience of others. All too often yoga studios, schools, and teacher training certifications get “reviewed” and rated on different websites that are saturated with affiliation links. An affiliate link is a great way for a blog to recommend a service or product while asking the school to give the blogger “a cut” $ each time a visitor makes a purchase. The problem with this kind of a “relationship” is the bloggers will always put their bottom line before the best interests of yoga or those earning a living by teaching it.

By contrast, Yoga Alliance Social Credentialing System’s sole motivation is to serve the interests of the yoga community while maintaining the integrity of both the practice and the profession of yoga. Social Credentialing provides a meaningful alternative to the unverified, arbitrary, and sometimes inflammatory ratings and comments that consumer sites and blogs deliver. It protects the community while providing the public with a reliable and fair source of information and advice.

By combining feedback with established educational and training standards, Social Credentialing expands the Yoga Alliance credentialing process from a closed, centralized system to a transparent, dynamic dialogue between all members of the yoga community.

How It Helps Our Community

Yoga Alliance Social Credentialing System adds both credibility and transparency to the whole yoga community. By capturing feedback from trainees, schools are able to grow and improve their yoga teacher training programs, but more importantly, it helps potential trainees make an informed decision when selecting a yoga teacher training program.

It also:

  • provides transparency about what schools teach in their trainings.
  • asks the community to self-regulate and ensure compliance with Yoga Alliance Standards.

Choosing the Right Yoga School and Yoga Certification

Pursuing a training that is internationally recognized is key for a successful yoga teacher career. More importantly, investing in the right Yoga Alliance approved training can dramatically increase your chances for fantastic results in the long run, and actually make you a more knowledgeable and more effective yoga teacher. I highly recommend that the school you pick to trust with your yoga education should always have these four factors:

  1. The school is registered with Yoga Alliance
  2. The school should have published authentic reviews on it’s public profile within Yoga Alliance
  3. The school should have a healthy Net Promoter Score (ratings of 9 – 10)
  4. The school you pick should have its own Yoga Alliance recognized certificates*

*If the school name is different from the name printed on the certificate, then there is something wrong. Pay attention to this. Here is a good article to help you start your research.

Always visit the Yoga Alliance website to look at these important factors before making your decision!

The Best Online Yoga Teacher Training Certifications According to Yoga Alliance 2022

Below is a list of Yoga Alliance-approved schools that offer online yoga teacher training and are available to you right now. Every review includes Overall School Rating and Net Promoter Score (OSR | NPS). Click on each school to read trainee reviews for full transparency to help you make the most informed decision.

Yoga Alliance Rating  4.94 | NPS 9.8

School has been approved since April 2015

Best Online Yoga Teacher Training According to Yoga Alliance
Source: Yoga Alliance

Meet the most in-depth, fun, energy-lifting and globally connected courses available when pursuing your 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and 300 Hour Advanced Training certifications online.

Filmed around the world and nearly a year in the making, our trainings are the most interactive yoga teacher trainings ever made. With over 25 years of hands-on experience in fitness and wellness education, we developed a unique Multimodal Learning Platform that opens you to an immersive yoga teacher training experience. We’ve learned that our students better remember if an idea is delivered across different modes like visual and audio channels thus ensuring the knowledge has a better chance of being encoded in their brain.

Built on a Vinyasa flow style of yoga, our trainings cover a blend of Yin, Restorative, Yoga Nidra, Sound Healing, Dharma, and encompasses a wide range of techniques including: a detailed breakdown of yoga postures, breathing, meditation, mudras, and much more. You will learn how to apply principles of alignment to create a balanced and blissful yoga space, and explore the business of yoga both in the studio space and online.

The curriculum is well organized and carefully designed so each chapter builds on top of the previous one using the power of storytelling. Everything comes together in a very logical structure and allows you to set your own schedule around the training. With the exception of the live weekly call, all masterclasses, lectures, talks, and practical practice are available to you on demand 24/7, so you can journey through the curriculum in your own space and at the comfort of your own pace.

Communication with students is on-going with the live weekly zoom call. Calls are extremely interactive and they fluctuate in content — from discussion points to guided meditation, flows and students teaching. The calls are your connection to the teachers and mentors, to other students, and to ensure you are on the right path to unlocking your true teaching potential. In addition, we offer plenty of One on One calls with the mentors along the way.

A live chat is also part of our Multimodal Learning Platform. So any time you have a question, you can quickly find the answer and get in touch with one of the mentors. Quality control is abundant with Drishti Beats where constant communication is in place and active with our team.

Our school has been set up to respect your own specific learning style and will allow you to create the schedule that works for you. No matter where you are in the world, upon completion we will send you a beautiful certificate in your graduation package.

Yoga Alliance Review by Alaina Headrick Jan 03, 2022:

Lori and Jeremy make this program such an inspiring and wonderful experience. Their beautiful family writes and performs music together that inspire all their yoga flows, I am so happy to be part of the Drishti community. Music and yoga are one in their method of teaching, which is something that I was seeking and fell in love with. Each of their online classes are performed masterfully, often with live music and in beautiful corners of the world that make you feel like you are at an international yoga festival right in your own home. Lori and Jeremy go above and beyond to be there and connect with their students, which is especially important for an online platform. Every time you submit a video or ask a question, they make a point to respond in less than 4 hours, it is incredible! They know so much about my life, my personality, and my strengths and weaknesses. The bi-weekly calls in the online training create a safe space to practice vulnerability, test out new flows and unlock spiritual understanding. One thing that I really appreciated was how complimentary Lori and Jeremy’s teaching strengths are. Lori teaches to the feeling of a class and how to create a journey with Joy. You feel her passion and spirit in every class and lesson. Jeremy is incredibly knowledgeable teaches asana with a scientific, anatomical approach and discusses ancient Hindu stories with the detail and insight of historian. I would recommend this program to any yogi looking to have a close relationship with their very creative, knowledgeable teachers, while maintaining the flexibility of an online platform.

Source: School Profile | Yoga Alliance

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Yoga Alliance Rating  4.90 | NPS 9.4

School has been approved since April 2017

Yoga Farm
Source: Yoga Alliance

About the school:

Yoga Farm Ithaca is a nonprofit center for education, yoga and retreat on 65 beautiful acres of woods, waterfalls, and meadows just outside of Ithaca, NY.

We offer incredible online yoga teacher trainings to an amazing community of students and teachers all over the world.

We’ve been called “The Most In-Person Online Yoga Teacher Training in the world”, by our graduates.

Our original 200 hour YTT is called the ‘Radiant Warrior Online Yoga Teacher Training’. It teaches Hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, mindfulness, meditation and inquiry. More than 1000 have graduated from this program.

We’ve since added the ‘200 hour Kundalini Warrior Online Yoga Teacher Training’, which is a modern, feminine form of Kundalini yoga. Our educators have been inspired by ancient teachings of Kundalini and have modernized the technology for the modern householder.

Our 300 hour YTT is called the ‘Spiritual Warrior Advanced Yoga Teacher Training’. In it, we teach kundalini yoga (a modern, trauma informed method drawn from ancient traditions), the science of Ayurveda, Lunar Wisdom and the Enneagram.

Yoga Alliance Review by: Elyse Cotta May 11, 2021:

My experience with Yoga Farm Ithaca was everything I had expected it to be. I learned much more about yoga as a practice as opposed to just a physical activity. I was also able to learn things about myself that has been buried deep but brought out through thoughtful conversation and ideas with the teachers of Ithaca Yoga Farm.

Source: School Profile | Yoga Alliance

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3. Zazyoga

Yoga Alliance Rating 4.88 | Hidden NPS

School has been approved since November 2018

Source: Yoga Alliance

About the school:

Why chose Zazyoga for your 200-hour YTTC?

Gain an in-dept understanding of the practice of yoga
With the recent rise of yoga injuries, we make it our mission to teach you how to practice and teach safely. Whether it is during practices, asana labs, or anatomy classes, proper alignment is our underlying theme! Beyond the physical practice, each of our classes give you tangible and applicable tools to integrate in your own life and in your career as a yoga teacher, from pranayama and kriyas to how you can transform your thoughts with yoga philosophy.

Build your teacher skills to become a confident and inspiring teacher
Our course offers extensive teaching practice experience, so that when you graduate, you can immediately start your career as a confident yoga teacher.

Embrace the yoga tradition in your modern life
Respecting the yoga tradition does not have to deny our modern lives! Our course is practical and adapted to your reality, so that you can apply tangible tools to your life.

Receive personal support in an intimate environment
We create a safe environment to learn, growth, and discover more about yourself. You will receive dedicated personalized one-on-one support from your teachers for your own unique specific needs.

Yoga Alliance Review by: Julie Geissler May 24, 2021:

Zazyoga school’s 200 hour teacher training course exceeded my expectations. The programme they provided enabled me to develop a deeper understanding of yoga practice beyond asana. Whilst completing the course Zazyoga gave immediate and timely feedback on all asana labs; and fostered a sense of community with all participants that went beyond completion of the course. I particularly valued their inclusive mindset, and the way that safe practice was fostered throughout the course. I will definitely be recommending Zazyoga school to my friends.

Source: School Profile | Yoga Alliance

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Yoga Alliance Rating  4.87 | NPS 9.3

School has been approved since March 2012

Source: Yoga Alliance

About the school:

We provide a variety of highly professional online courses, so you can immerse yourself into genuine yogic wisdom from the convenience of your home.

The cornerstones of our teachings are:
• breath-based classical Hatha Yoga,
• energy-based Kundalini Yoga,
• Spiritual Heart Meditation, and the
• non-dual teachings of Advaita Vedanta.

We aspire to synchronize mind & heart, to combine rational understanding with deep-going practice, and to develop present moment awareness.

Our offerings range from Teacher Training Courses and yoga intensives to meditation retreats and workshops which we hold in tropical Bali and other destinations around the globe.

Authenticity & inspiration, passion & enthusiasm are our hallmarks.

Yoga Alliance Review by: Patrick van der Pol Feb 02, 2021

I really love the overall atmosphere that has been created by everyone involved in this teacher training. I have learned a lot and will continue to learn from al the material provided by Akasha. The experience was amazing even in the situation that we are in right now. I am sure to visit when we can fly to Bali again.

Source: School Profile | Yoga Alliance

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Yoga Alliance Rating 4.87 | Hidden NPS

School has been approved since November 2018

Source: Yoga Alliance

*Yoga International is not a registered school with Yoga Alliance. Instead, upon completion graduates receive a certificate of completion from The Mazé Method School.

About the school:

Upon completion of this training, graduates will receive a certificate of completion for 200 hours of study with The Mazé Method School. The Mazé Method teacher trainings consist of a step-by-step approach to becoming a skillful, confident teacher. The curriculum combines detailed alignment knowledge and intelligent sequencing with vinyasa theory to provide you with sound skills for teaching safe and effective yoga classes. Lead teachers have spent over 75 years collectively investigating nearly every style of yoga, its practices, and associated philosophies. Their knowledge, combined with their approach to experiential education, creates a learning environment that is rich and multi-faceted. We study and deconstruct asana (yoga poses), pranayama (breathwork), meditation, adjustments, yoga theory, yoga practice, yoga history and philosophy, basic Sanskrit, and ethics. Each day in training is treasure trove of learning about anatomy, kinesiology, applied biomechanics, and how to use this knowledge to optimize your yoga and movement practice and teaching. Students learn to apply healthy critical thinking through an inquisitive approach to yoga studies. They practice innovative teaching drills, gain clarity about how scientific principles substantiate training techniques, explore the deeper dimensions of yoga practice, and leave with a cutting-edge understanding of human movement and physiology. In all, students can expect to complete this school’s training with new perspectives on yoga study, a greater understanding of biomechanical alignment principles, and expanded general knowledge.

Yoga Alliance Review by: Vici Hatton Jun 12, 2021:

A great and friendly school to have trained with. Made lockdown and the COVID pandemic very enjoyable. Thank you for bringing a selection of teachers, a vast array of knowledge and teachings to an online training programme.

Source: School Profile | Yoga Alliance

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Yoga Alliance Rating 4.82 | Hidden NPS

School has been approved since July 2016

Source: Yoga Alliance

About the school:

Alignment-based vinyasa with a focus on igniting your through the science of yoga. Strong emphasis on myofascial release, mindset, and translating yoga’s wisdom into our modern lives.

School has chosen not to share its community reviews as of this time.

Source: School Profile | Yoga Alliance

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Yoga Alliance Rating 4.82 | NPS 9.1

School has been approved since June 2015

Source: Yoga Alliance

About the school:

Alignment-based vinyasa with a focus on igniting your through the science of yoga. Strong emphasis on myofascial release, mindset, and translating yoga’s wisdom into our modern lives.

Yoga Alliance Review by: Joanna Hardman May 24, 2021

The instructors were always friendly, accessible, and approachable. Any feedback given was always helpful (allowing room for and encouraging growth), and the content itself was thorough. The anatomy teachings were very in depth as well, which was great to learn. Great experience overall.

Source: School Profile | Yoga Alliance

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Yoga Alliance Rating  4.82 | NPS 9.0

School has been approved since March 2012

Source: Yoga Alliance

About the school:

Yoga & Ayurveda Center / Online Yoga School is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance, which designates this teacher training program as one which follows Yoga Alliance’s standards. Students who complete a verified training with this school may be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as Registered Yoga Teachers (RYTs).

Yoga Alliance Review by: Natalie Grigg May 26, 2021

I felt the training was a good balance of classroom and practical experience. There was a lot of support both from the instructors and the general community that has been built through this program.

Source: School Profile | Yoga Alliance

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Yoga Alliance Rating 4.82 | Hidden NPS

School has been approved since May 2015

Source: Yoga Alliance

About the school:

Siddhi Yoga is a premier institute offering yoga teaching in a holistic environment, under the guidance of great yogis. RYT 200 residential courses are taught at Siddhi Yoga. Students come from all across the globe to learn this vedic science, in its true and original form.

Teachers at Siddhi Yoga have deep knowledge of yoga, Ayurveda, sadhna (meditation) and other vedic scriptures. Conversant with many yoga styles including hatha, ashtanga, kundalini and vinyasa yoga they bring to their students not just vedic scripture knowledge but also initiate them into the process of achieving divinity or oneness of mind and body through yoga.

School has chosen not to share its community reviews as of this time.

Source: School Profile | Yoga Alliance

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Yoga Alliance Rating  4.79 | NPS 8.7

School has been approved since October 2016

Source: Yoga Alliance

About the school:

My Vinyasa Practice is a yoga school training yoga teachers in vinyasa, hatha, and the application of yogic philosophy to daily life. My Vinyasa Practice l is founded on the principles of accessible and affordable yoga teacher training designed to meet teachers where they are at while facilitating interpersonal growth. All of our trainers have had extensive training with truly amazing teachers. It is our mission to make yoga, spiritual self studies and education affordable and scalable.

We offer multiple training formats that span several different industries. My Vinyasa Practice offers yoga teacher trainings, health and wellness certifications, and continuing education programs for yoga teachers and professionals. We are currently offering trainings in Austin, TX and international intensives.

Yoga Alliance Review by Beatrice Walker May 12, 2021:

I thought this was a very well rounded and accessible program. I liked how it was a “go at your own pace” kind of course and I was able to complete it while working. The recorded learning lab videos were great and very informative! I learned a lot and would definitely recommend this teacher training course.

Source: School Profile | Yoga Alliance

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Yoga Alliance Rating  4.69 | NPS 8.1

School has been approved since May 2011

Source: Yoga Alliance

About the school:

If you are in search of a great Yoga TTC, Sampoorna Yoga may be the best place for you!
We are a Yoga Teacher Training Center rooted in Indian yogic tradition. Our name, ‘Sampoorna’, is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘full’, ‘total’, or ‘absolute’. And it truly reflects what we aim to bring to our students through our yoga courses and retreats.

This concept of totality and completeness is reflected in our teachings, in the respect we have for yoga traditions, and the acceptance of students from all traditions and lineages, all over the world. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional and comprehensive yoga instruction to support your personal practice and your teaching journey.

Yoga Alliance Review by: Layla Ness May 13, 2021

The 200 hour Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher training provided an excellent foundation in yoga. I found the course very well structured and particularly enjoyed the lectures on Yoga Philosophy with Dr. Neeelima Nalawadey.

Source: School Profile | Yoga Alliance

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Yoga Alliance Rating 4.65 | Hidden NPS

School has been approved since August 2019

Source: Yoga Alliance

About the school:

East+West is a school dedicated to sharing authentic yogic practices from India with a western audience. We bring Indian master teachers all over the world to luxurious resorts. We are committed to bringing our students the best of all worlds.

School has chosen not to share its community reviews as of this time.

Source: School Profile | Yoga Alliance

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Yoga Alliance Rating 4.62 | Hidden NPS

School has been approved since April 2012

Source: Yoga Alliance

About the school:

The Kaivalya Yoga Method has been formulated after over a decade of dedicated study and research and teaching experience. It is a comprehensive compilation of the fundamentals of yoga directed at creating teachers who can translate this ancient practice for a modern-day audience while staying true to yoga’s highest aim.

School has chosen not to share its community reviews as of this time.

Source: School Profile | Yoga Alliance

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Yoga Alliance Rating 4.61 | Hidden NPS

School has been approved since September 2017

Source: Yoga Alliance

About the school:

Samadhi Yoga ashram is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance, which designates this teacher training program as one which follows Yoga Alliance’s standards. Students who complete a verified training with this school may be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as Registered Yoga Teachers (RYTs).

Yoga Alliance Review by: Tara S. Rullo Jul 06, 2021

Very thorough curriculum, caring teachers, and a great blend of self-paced learning and on-line live classes.

Source: School Profile | Yoga Alliance

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Yoga Alliance Rating 4.29 | Hidden NPS

School has been approved since February 2009

Source: Yoga Alliance

About the school:

Santosha has been running trainings and retreats since 2008 – meaning we can celebrate 10 amazing years of helping our students transform their lives and step into their strength!

Santosha means contentment and gratitude for all that was, all that is, and all that will be. Our goal is that all those we encounter can gain an experience of Santosha – and then share and spread this experience back into communities through teaching; creating a ripple effect that will change the world and the hearts of all beings in it.

We are happy when our students and graduates are happy – leading joyful and fulfilled lives, sharing their passion and living in integrity and peace. Our greatest pride is being part of the journey, walking alongside our our students to follow their true path and embrace the happiness and beauty inside them.

School has chosen not to share its community reviews as of this time.

Source: School Profile | Yoga Alliance

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Community-Based Yoga Schools

While flexible and accessible, learning online can be isolating. Community encouragement will play a role in inspiring you to complete your online yoga instructor training. Always ask if your yoga school and their yoga teacher program provides opportunities to communicate with others, includes social support via Facebook groups, forums, etc.

Trust Your Intuition

Your thorough research into the best yoga online teacher training certification will leave your intuition  telling you, “that’s the one.” Listen to your instinct; it rarely misleads you.

If you are considering a yoga teacher career path, becoming a yoga teacher is not as difficult as you might think. Once you’ve done your research, there are various ways to train and teach yoga. Some of these focus on a more modern style while others focus on traditional techniques. Some have a beautiful blend. Once you become an accredited yoga teacher, you will be free to develop your own signature style.

Lori Lowell, Drishti Beats mentor, co-founder and fitness visionary, is the  2015 Julie Main Woman Leader Award recipient. She often interviews for Ask An Expert in Club Solutions Magazine, regularly appears on Club Industry, and is an accomplished E-RYT 500.

online yoga teacher training

10 Reasons to Choose Online Yoga Teacher Training


Last updated: October 13, 2021

By Lori Lowell, Drishti Beats mentor, co-founder and fitness visionary, is the  2015 Julie Main Woman Leader Award recipient. She often interviews for Ask An Expert in Club Solutions Magazine, regularly appears on Club Industry, and is an accomplished E-RYT 500.

Let’s face it; Online learning is here to stay, and online yoga teacher trainings have recently become Yoga Alliance accredited. Here are 10 reasons why online yoga teacher training is an excellent option. Keep in mind that it’s most important to choose an online yoga school that will stay in contact with you and make sure you stay on track.

Online Yoga Teacher Training Benefits

  1. The best online yoga programs are self-paced.  You can turn your learning on and turn it off when you want to, and you can manage your time and hours that are best for you. 
  2. In the live setting, you are in the learning space for many hours in one day and it’s difficult to maintain focus. This is true also of 8 straight hours of a zoom call which should not be considered online learning. Both 200hr-RYT® and 300hr-RYT® yoga teacher trainings are comprehensive and require a lot of patience and attention. In the correct online setting which provides video learning you can progress in shorter learning periods and go over concepts that may not sink in the first time you hear or read about them.  In the online learning space you are sure to capture all the information.
  3. It’s not just about learning poses. With the Yoga Alliance accreditation requirements, schools must teach a certain number of hours in anatomy and physiology, teaching methodology, practicum, yoga ethics and lifestyle.  Schools also must teach a lot of history and philosophy, and the best online yoga teacher training programs prepare you to be knowledgeable and masterful yoga teachers. 
  4. Online learning allows for more space to read and capture content.  Most schools require students to take on some very interesting and robust books:  Mainly the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Bhagavad Gita, both which take some time to wrap your brain around.  With online learning you will have more time to evaluate and understand these books as they are critical for living in the yoga teaching and yogic lifestyle space.
  5. In the online learning space, you can pick your learning environment. Teaching environments can be difficult in the live space which may not be conducive to learning for all students; usually sitting on the floor for many hours.  Many destination trainings are in beautiful locations, but the days can be long and hot with uncomfortable seating.
  6. Online yoga trainings are more student focused while live trainings are more teacher focused. When learning in the live space the lead trainers are in front of the class all day long focusing on their material, lectures, PowerPoints, etc.  It’s a long day for the teacher and usually the latter half of each day is where the students are practicing while the teachers are watching, providing feedback, and evaluating.  It’s a burnout for the teacher and focus may get lost.  In the online space of the good schools, the material has been prepared and is delivered in video form. Short, fun, and concise videos make learning easy. In the online learning space, the lead trainers can focus more on the student and not on their delivery of content each day.
  7. Cost. Do you want to go to a yoga teacher training in Bali? Of course, you do.  It’s probably going to cost you in the upper $6000 range for the training, hotel and flights and you will have to take off at least 3 weeks off work.  Most online Yoga Teacher Trainings are under $1000.00.  However, be very cautious of the ones that are too inexpensive (less than $500.00) as they may be too lenient, material too thin, and may not truly prepare you for your future as a teacher.  Inexpensive yoga schools are looking to get a lot of students which can be an issue for your learning and much needed attention from your lead trainer. Written feedback as well as constant contact are a must for any kind of online yoga teacher learning.
  8. Yoga Alliance requires Contact Hours in the online space.  This is usually done by group zoom calls and one on one calls with your lead trainer.  If the calls are set up properly, a beautiful community of trainees is built, and relationships as well as friendships develop.
  9. Quality of teacher upon graduation.  The good online schools truly prepare you to become a knowledgeable yoga teacher due to how the learning is delivered and your ability to constantly review. The online space could very well turn you into a better teacher than in the live space.  The reason for this is that in the live learning space content is crammed into a very short time, and if you miss a point, or don’t understand something, it just may float by. Yes, destination trainings are amazing.  At the same time, too much is delivered in too little time.  Upon graduation in the live space, it is a fact that many students are not ready to teach. The best online yoga schools prepare you along your journey by having you upload videos of yourself teaching along the way; so that when you are finished you have created an entire class that is thorough.  Between your video and written submissions, a good yoga school will provide feedback and discussions with you to ensure that you are growing in the teaching space. Students do not get left behind because the best online yoga teacher training programs create a personal and private learning experience for each student.
  10. Less drama.  There can be a lot of drama in the live learning space, especially the destination trainings which can make the learning environment difficult. It is usually inevitable that some kind of drama occurs, which is usually negative. This is completely avoidable in the online space by giving students more individualized attention and allowing them to grow at their own pace. 

Finding the Right Online Yoga Teacher Training Program

When selecting an online Yoga Teacher Training Program do your research.  The following may be helpful:

  1. Find out who the teachers are? Read their bios and learn about them. Decide if they are the right teachers for you.
  2.  Check out their website.  How does the site feel to you?
  3. Ensure that the school is accredited by the Yoga Alliance and that the teachers are current in their standing.
  4. Ensure that the lead trainers are E-RYT 500®. This means that they have completed and are certified as an advanced teacher and have acquired thousands of teaching hours.
  5. Pick a school that has options for a 200-hr and a 300-hr training and one where you may also choose the option of doing a 500-hr training.  This also shows that the teachers have continued their own training and development.
  6. Pick a school that allows you to begin your training at any time.  These schools usually have a very strong ability to manage their program and their students
  7. Read the reviews on the school’s Yoga Alliance page.

Take some time to chat with the school, and the lead trainers, in advance.  If it’s a good school, you will be able to contact them immediately via the chat on their website or by e-mail. Even better, if you need to hear their voices, they should not be averse to a phone call. Immediate communication is critical in the online space.  Waiting too long for a response from a school is a red flag. Quick communication from the school will ensure that they are on point and living in their online program all day every day. 

Drishti Beats’ online yoga teacher training programs offer all of the listed benefits and go beyond other programs by striving to create a sense of community that helps you along your journey. Check out our online programs to learn more about becoming a yoga teacher.

By Lori Lowell, Drishti Beats mentor, co-founder and fitness visionary, is the  2015 Julie Main Woman Leader Award recipient. She often interviews for Ask An Expert in Club Solutions Magazine, regularly appears on Club Industry, and is an accomplished E-RYT 500.

How Do I Find The Best Online Yoga Teacher Training

How to Find the Best Online Yoga Teacher Training Course


Last updated: July 21, 2021


By Asaf B. Goldfrid is a multi-talented stage and screen actor, entrepreneur, wellbeing visionary leader, collaborator, problem solver, and an accomplished RYT 500 with a deep understanding of conceptualising fitness and wellbeing journeys. His work has been featured repeatedly in leading fitness magazines.

In the past, online yoga teacher training courses were scarce to find. The reason for this is that the governing body for yoga teacher training accreditation, Yoga Alliance, did not recognise or certify online yoga teacher training courses. In addition, the yoga industry at large felt that live trainings were the most significant way to teach and for students to learn how to become yoga teachers.

After the unprecedented events in 2020,  Yoga Alliance determined that it was in the best interest for schools to have the opportunity to provide online yoga courses and now they are abundant and easy to find.  So, what do you need to look for in an online yoga teacher certification course?

What to Look for In Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses

  • Online platform:  What online platform are they using?  Is it easy to navigate?   Is it colourful?  Unique? Does it look like “stock photos” or “corporate”?  If so, keep looking. Yoga is a feeling. The website that you go to needs to feel good and have an organic feel to it.  The information needs to be clear. Did the school build their own platform or are they using a 3rd party company? Using a 3rd party company may minimise their ability to deliver information properly; they may be limited in what they can do.
  • Quality Control:  How does the school measure the student’s understanding of the information? How does the student travel through the curriculum? Can the school measure the students’ progress?  Is there an upload system for students to easily upload their video and written assuagement? Is feedback provided to the student along the way quickly and efficiently? Will the student immediately feel part of something and that they belong to a community?  Can the student begin his or her journey immediately upon registration? Will the student maintain access to all the curriculum, video lectures, masterclasses, personal notes and mentors feedback even after they completed the course?
  • Communication:  If you write to the school, the response time should be very quick.  Less than two hours.  If there is a chat on the school’s website the response time should be minutes (unless it is in the middle of the night).  If not, this means that the school’s service is less than adequate.  There should be weekly live calls with groups, in addition to, one on one time with lead trainers and a smooth scheduling/booking process with the lead trainers.  Lead Trainers should be available at any time to answer questions.  Lead Trainers should be E-RYT 500 and in good standing with Yoga Alliance. If not, you have the wrong school.  
  • Cost:  Beware of the programme that is too inexpensive.  Programmes that are under $400 in the U.S. or £500 in the U.K. are doing what is called “a volume play”.  This means that they are going for quantity of students and not quality of content delivery nor quality of the student.  As the old saying goes “You get what you pay for”. A 200 hour and 300 hour online yoga teacher training course is robust and requires a big time commitment not only from the student but from the teachers.
  • Online learning:  How easy is the platform to use?  Are the lectures and content nicely laid out, artistically created and professional?  Is there a clear vibe of the school and what the school represents?  Is there a strong traditional background as well as an “up to date” progressive teaching environment?  Beware of the school that asks you to be on zoom for 8 hours a day. If this is the requirement, they have not provided a proper online platform.  In addition, beware of the school where all of your learning is reading.  There should be full on video learning with a “follow the yellow brick road” process from start to finish.
  • Does the school provide both a 200 Hour and a 300 Hour (500 hour) training?  This is important because it shows that you have lead trainers and a school that is very serious about education and did not stop at the 200 hour process.  This also gives the student an opportunity to continue forward with the same school for their 500 hour RYT if they so desire.
  • Does the school have strong testimonials and reviews?  Be sure that you go to Yoga Alliance and look up the school.  Ensure that the reviews are real, organic, and at least have an NPS rating of 9.0.  Beware of the school that has less than 30 reviews, they are not mature enough. 
  • What is the background of the teachers?  Have they been published?  Are they recognised in the wellness/fitness/yoga industry? What makes them unique? Can you get in touch with them easily?

Drishti Beats’ online yoga teacher training courses are the number 1 recommended Yoga Alliance certified course based on NPS score and reviews. Learn more about our online 200 and 300 hour yoga teacher training courses and become a member of our community as you begin your yoga teacher training journey.


By Asaf B. Goldfrid is a multi-talented stage and screen actor, entrepreneur, wellbeing visionary leader, collaborator, problem solver, and an accomplished RYT 500 with a deep understanding of conceptualising fitness and wellbeing journeys. His work has been featured repeatedly in leading fitness magazines.

Online Yoga Teacher Training

Experience Yourself: Make YOU Stronger!


Online Yoga Teacher Training

Experience Yourself.

Do you have a strong DESIRE to advance your yoga knowledge, yoga practice, your well being, and yogic lifestyle?

  • Do You have a strong BELIEF that you want to advance your skills as a yoga practitioner and/or teacher?
  • Do you have a strong sense of FOCUS?
  • Do you have a strong COMMITMENT to enroll in a yoga teacher training education?
  • If you answered yes to all of the the above than you are ready to experience yourself and take ACTION

Not Genius but Mastery of the Self to Achieve Success

Not Geniusbut Mastery of the Selfto Achieve Success

An ongoing reflection journal by Deidre Douglas Washington, M.Ed.

A journey of a budding yogi.

Drishti Beats trainee Deidre Douglas Washington, M.Ed., Les Mills US National & International Presenter, and CEO of Iron Philosophy Gym, LLC, journals and shares her own yoga teacher training experience and growth.

Last updated: September 13, 2020

July-August 2020 Reflection

Breath is the foundation of good yoga practices. It is the bridge between listening and responding to any circumstance that we may encounter. So, for two months, I decided to go on a “breath mini bliss walk” to discover a deeper mastery of the self. Let me tell you, this was eye opening.

Inspired by another yoga mate, I began to explore life upside down with some fun play working on inversions. Why not? Life is actually interesting upside down. And when I took a sneak peek into the course work, we actually will practice some variations of inversions. So, I started with the very basics, of course, as I was intrigued with how it felt to be inverted. To my delight, it was a challenge and very fulfilling. I had to think and let my body just do it in its own time without forcing anything. And what did I learn? You have to BREATHE! Inversions are actually good for focusing on your breath! Wow, inversions are quite refreshing and invigorating. [Note to self: D, you have to breathe in order to maintain inversion posture and of course steady your DRISHTI.] I began to breathe with purpose and reflect on this journey which opened my eyes to other journeys and chapters in my personal and professional life that I needed to close and re-open or open. Remember, this is a journey about self discovery and peeling away unnecessary layers that masque the true self.

Breathe. In order to unlock your potential, you must breathe. Your breath must be full and robust, steady and rhythmic, calm and intentional. In a lot of ways, your breath dictates all bodily functions, thought processes and helps us to either be proactive or reactive to the things that are happening around us. Proper breathing is vital. Breathing is also good for the mind and body outside of yoga practice. Breathing is all about the connection to our mindset and our will power to do just about anything in life. So what happened on my journey and why did I take such a long time to update this blog? I had to BREATHE… inhale, exhale, breath in and out.

While taking the months of July and August to breathe, I began to reflect back on “why” I started this journey. I wanted to find a moment to breathe in peace and breathe out calmness. At the time of commencing this journey, the world in which we lived was chaotic and ever consuming. It was as if Mother Nature was saying “Stop the madness. Be still my children and BREATHE.” Well, being an Earth sign, I listened to Mother Earth. I embarked on a journey with yoga and to my suprise, I had to learn to really BREATHE. I needed to breathe new life and go back to my roots. Speaking of roots, we will touch on the root chakra and alignment of all chakras next month.

In The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Book Two – Sādhana Pāda, Portion on Practice, we are taught “accepting pain as help for purification, study of spiritual books and surrender to the Supreme Being constitutes Yoga in practice.” What does this have to do with breath? Well, when you are on a journey for mastery of self, you will need to embrace tapas or self-discipline to make a meaningful impact on your personal practice with yoga. You will need to BREATHE deeply to embrace and respect the true austerities of the physical, verbal and mental. Yoga is about self-discipline, being comfortable with your true self and the unknown of rediscovering and embracing your higher calling. It’s about practicing and surrendering to the Supreme Being. It’s about elevating your mind and dedicating yourself to God. When we do what is right, your mind will be free and tranquil. Your breathing is unchanged, and you can feel a better sense of dedicating your life for the good of all humanity. You aren’t pretentious, an egoist, materialistic, untrustworthy, operating under false pretenses or anything that does not seek to serve the good of others. You are acting in the purest and best version of yourself, full of life, hope and breath.

The world, all-encompassing of every living creature and being, is in need of breathing. Every iota of our being should be concerned with dedication, giving and loving to bring us peace, joy and happiness. Our breath is the bridge that leaves chaos behind and embraces the calm.

Until next time…

June 2020 Reflection

Growth. Change. Dhyana Yoga, the seventh limb of yoga. The Bhagavad Gita teaches us to “tame the mind and senses.” In order to do this, we must learn to meditate. Not meditate in the sense that we do it because yoga says we have to, but rather to understand the true self. Meditation is the practice of concentrating on something so much that it becomes easy to connect with the Divine within. When we connect with the Divine within, a true yogi finds serenity and self-actualization or realization. Meditation is the key to unlocking missing links to find peace, even during some of the most tumultuous times.

June proved to be a month where I had to learn to find the peace amidst the tough decisions that had to be made in my life. When the world that I knew with my business came to an abrupt halt, I found that I lost my sense of self. Closure of a dream had come to pass. But that is not the end of the life itself, but rather a beginning to something more. That last statement was hard to grasp, especially when you devote all of your time and most of your financial resources into doing something you love. However, this can’t be the end of my dream, right?

So, what did I do? I pulled out the Bhagavad Gita (BG) and read chapters 6 and 7 numerous times and listened to them for three consecutive days. Why did I do this? I wanted to find peace again with what was happening not only in my personal microcosm of the world, but with the things that were happening globally. I had to get out of my head and find bliss. Bliss was absent yet I could feel it was still so close. I just didn’t allow myself to embrace it because I was too caught up in my own headspace that things were cluttered and unorganized. You see, when we are attached to a culture, place or groups of people without reflecting on our true sense of self, we can get temporarily lost. We take for granted who we are and how much we have to offer ourselves. We cannot pour into another cup if our cup is empty.

The BG teaches us to find spiritual energy to persevere the toughest and most demanding of times. It teaches us to embrace our inner Divinity, to get closer to the true understanding of the Atma. But how do we do this? We meditate daily, at the same time consistently. The BG invites us to see unity everywhere, in every creature or situation, in all creation and that which is. All we have to do is pause and reconnect. In my case, I needed to pause, meditate and reconnect to find peace, comfort and solutions. Once that practice resumed, it was easier to come out of the temporary “lost” feeling and back on the path to the true sense of self, the one who is unmoved or unbothered when the world around us is chaotic. It’s amazing what you see and hear when you discover the power of meditation. Give it a try if this practice is absent from your daily life.

June was the month of meditation reconnection. It led me to find what truly makes me happy and for that, the Atma is more content and ready to connect with the Divine. July will be a time for continued practice with a renewed purpose, following my passion and using my yogi power to grow and share light with others.

Until next month…

May 2020 Reflection

Aparigraha, that lovely Niyama, relates to the need to possess something in order to feel good about myself. I feel great about myself, actually, given the facts that I learned to let go of some things by default of being an entrepreneur for the past 2 years. I’ve learned to live as a minimalist, having less of every tangible thing that most people consider to be luxuries. My main work of the mind is that less is more and that’s okay. We don’t need things to be a good human. We need to be HUMAN.

Aparigraha means non-possessiveness or non-attachment. When we live life with a firm understanding that change occurs, we free ourselves to embrace the new. Our world begins when one door closes and another opens. What we experience in the wake of COVID-19 is merely a way for us to set up our minds to receive an unknown and undetermined outcome. As fitness leaders, we are always going to experience change. Clinging on to things, titles, accolades, etc. goes against what the Universe is asking us to do right now. I say all of this because we just need to remember our purpose in the industry and practice Aparigraha. When we do this, we will continue to see and receive blessings. Namaste.

Apraigraha has become a means of communicating with myself. I find that a lot of times, I simply must see what is happening, find the relevance, if any that it has on me, and let the rest go. I cannot own someone else’s burden, but I can respect their emotional processing and offer support. It is not my place to own something that isn’t mine nor compare my life to theirs to make them feel at ease. I can simply just be and offer wisdom if solicited. That is tricky in today’s society as everyone wants an answer when the truth of the matter is, we must derive at our own answers based on our contexts.

Satya, truthfulness, begins within us. When we speak the truth about ourselves, it is easy to speak the truth in the world. When we live in truth, it makes it so much easier to deal with worldly stressors. We are seen as being trustworthy and honest. We don’t have to remember false statements because we speak genuinely from the heart when we practice Satya. This lovely gem is so good to tap into because it makes communication, clarity, and coordination so much easier.

Speaking of communication, the dialogue we have with ourselves dictates the type of dialogue and vibrations we give off to the Universe. Regardless of any words that we speak to others, our heartfelt intentions manage to come through, even if we do our best to mask our feelings. We are humans made up of many feelings and emotions. We just need to learn how to channel them accordingly. This yogic lifestyle allows me to pause in reflection of the mind, to think a little more and be observant of the inside voices. If these voices in my mind are congruent with my heart, the Universe will grant what it desired at the right time. It’s all about timing and being able to discern.

This process is causing me to unplug more from the worldly outtakes of life and reflect more on the humanistic side of living to help other humans grow.

“Where there is love and light, we achieve peace of mind. Where there is peace of mind, we are free to explore. When we explore more avenues, we realize that life is abundantly plentiful and pleasant. Allow the love and light to illuminate the world because we all have a divine purpose in the Universe without pretense.”

~ Deidre Douglas

Until next month…

April 2020 Reflection

Depicted below is how my mind operates with respect to living a yogic lifestyle. There are two key implications that I desire to achieve with this process.

  1. When opportunity presents itself, seize it.

  2. There is no short-cut to the process of evolving to a higher self. The internal work must be done consistently on a daily basis.

When the Universe introduced this opportunity to me, I paused asking myself, “Why does this feel right? What, Universe, do you need me to do right now? I’m at a crossroads in many areas of life, so why add another path?” Well the opportunity is here because there is a lesson to learn and now is the time to focus on my next calling to assist others. Distractions abound and decisions are plenty, but this journey has proven up to this point that now is the time to seize the opportunity for growth. Only those who are passionate and believe in this process will make it happen. What does this mean? It means that when we let go and the Universe guides us, we see things clearer and with intention and purpose. We are able to discern and use the innate wisdom that we have to make sound decisions with respect to Earth, the Universe and the humans whom live on this planet.

With respect to this process with Drishti Beats, I began unpacking and letting go of a lot of false pretenses and ideologies. These are:

  1. The need to “fit in.”
  2. The need to wear my hair in a way that looks like others.
  3. The need to wealthy.
  4. The need to be married, again, and to be “loved” by the societal stipulations of having a 
mate to survive.
  5. The need to be connected with a business partner or someone to help me be the best 
fitness and business leader that ‘I thought’ I needed. Life according to Deidre meant that I was to have someone working with me daily in the office. I’m realizing that it doesn’t need to be that way. I guess I like to be around people on a daily basis to grow. I realize that I don’t have to be around people (in proximity) to grow. I can grow with people via other modes.

I’ve also learned to forge meaningful relationships in a myriad of ways. I’ve learned how to cultivate these relationships by being more open and honest with what I want to achieve by establishing the relationships. It is all about communication. When communication is at the forefront, it makes it easy to establish relationships.
I believe I’ll run on to see what the end will be!

Until next month…

March 2020 Reflection

Genius is over-rated. Genius implies that a person has an exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability, is exceptionally intelligent or creative, very clever or ingenious. So often in life, we seek to be exceptional, near genius sometimes, with all that we do.

We seek to be exceptional in order to attain success or be considered successful. Success is simply not just about innate ability to achieve a desired goal. Success is a combination of factors such as opportunity, timing, upbringing, meaningful and passionate hard work, working 10,000 hours to gain mastery, and your cultural legacy. All of these play a role in success in each domain of life. But do they really have an implication on living a yogic lifestyle? Are we doing a disservice to our natural flow of being in the moment with life?

With the current and ever-present Westernized way of thinking about genius and success, we will continue to run the “genius and success” race ill equipped with our current tools and ways of thinking and being. At some point, we need to pause just long enough to listen to the inner Divine voice within us to reconnect to our true innate genius and success that is NOT defined by the modernized and Western way of thinking and acting.

During this tumultuous time in the midst of COVID-19, we need to respect the guise of Mother Earth. We must find a way to use time wisely, aligning and attuning ourselves with a wholistic way of living. It behooves us to find ways to reconnect to our innate abilities to use time and resources wisely. We have microwaved one too many meals, cash advanced our way to being rich, monopolized our way into politics and cultivated a culture of “isms” that has stifled progress. Why? Perhaps it is due to the fact that we look to be genius and successful in the eyes of others as opposed to being connected to ourselves to help others become connected. We are disenfranchised with technology so much so that it is being used to solicit popularity instead of increasing the well-being of others. Surely the Universe recognizes this, right? Is there a missing link that we need to explore? Of course the answer is “yes” to both, which led me to explore the yogic lifestyle.

Let me explore my thoughts on this as a budding yogi. Random factors of chance, such as when and where you were born can influence the opportunities you have. With the onset of understanding the yogic lifestyle, I am yet in the infinite stages. Success is NOT the worldly outcome in this instance. My measure of success on this journey is knowing that I am capable of adapting to the process fully without restraint and trivial distractions. It is more than just doing the exercises each week. It is cultivating a culture of growth while inspiring and assisting others to be successful. Keeping these premises in mind, creating a yogic lifestyle requires a different way of thinking and acting. It requires being intentional with EVERY decision. That means using a different set of lenses to make this venture work.

It takes a lot of attention to detail. The first step is to pay close attention to internally working through false ideals and ideologies. You have to unpack some things to be free in order to grow. For me, it is as simple as practicing Ishvara Prahnidhana (surrender) daily. At the moment, I am in deep thought. It is a sort of obsession unparalleled to anything else. I’m obsessed with completely purging the old ways of thinking to embrace a lighter and freer mindset to positively impact others on this Earth. I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting and breathing and letting go since beginning this process in March 15, 2020. In essence, meditation has taken precedence in my daily life at minimum twice daily. The reason? I’m at the point of understanding some of the concepts that we are exploring, most especially the Yamas and Niyamas, as these have become more prevalent in my daily thought processes. It’s as if all thoughts and actions are now being filtered via the yamas and niyamas before words or actions are take place.

~ Until next month…