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Find the Best Summer Yoga and Music Festival 2023

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How can you be certain you’ve found the absolute best yoga and music festival? We’re here to lend a helping hand! It’s important to distinguish an extraordinary festival from the mediocre ones so you don’t waste your time or money. Below, we present five proven ways to ensure you’ve found the BEST music and yoga festival in North America!

1. Best Setting for Music and Yoga

A festival’s location sets the stage for a remarkable and transformative experience. Whether it’s nestled amidst majestic mountains, caressed by gentle ocean waves, or enveloped by lush greenery, the perfect festival’s location should create an immersive and awe-inspiring ambiance. For instance, Drishti Beats Yoga and Music Festival takes place in beautiful Snowmass, CO, immersed in captivating surroundings that harmonize with the peaceful and cathartic nature of yoga. When you discover a music festival that effortlessly connects you with nature, you know you’ve found something special.

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2. This Year’s Top Artists

When yoga and music fuse together, they have the power to elevate your practice and uplift your spirit, so finding a music lineup that speaks to you is really important! Whether that be a mix of chill and upbeat DJs, back-to-back jam bands, or even a soft rock lineup, music plays a crucial role in setting the tone for your festival experience. Drishti Beats showcases a lineup of talented musicians and DJs who curate a captivating musical journey. From soothing soundscapes to enhance savasana to energizing beats that invigorate your vinyasa flow, the festival’s artists and music selection is carefully crafted to complement your practice and mindset. When you find yourself moving to incredible tunes that resonate with your soul, you’ll know you’re in the midst of something extraordinary.

3. World-Renowned Yoga Teachers and Educational Workshops

A truly exceptional yoga and music festival offers more than just classes and performances; It provides a platform for personal growth, self-exploration, and learning. Drishti Beats presents a diverse range of workshops led by renowned instructors, wellness practitioners, and thought leaders. These immersive experiences delve into various aspects of yoga, mindfulness, holistic health, and creative expression. Whether you’re an experienced yogi or a curious beginner, these workshops will deepen your understanding and ignite your inspiration. When you engage in transformative workshops, you’ll realize the festival’s unwavering commitment to your personal growth.

4. Family-Owned Festival

In an era of corporate-owned mega-festivals that can often feel disconnected from attendees, it is particularly rare to find a family-owned, independently-run festival. It feels wonderful to attend a festival that feels like a family gathering. Drishti Beats is not just an event—it’s a labor of love created by a passionate and dedicated team. This familial touch creates an intimate and welcoming atmosphere that resonates with attendees. From the genuine greetings at the entrance to the personalized interactions throughout the festival, you’ll feel embraced by a sense of kinship and belonging. When you find yourself surrounded by a community that cares, you’ll know you’ve discovered a festival that values authentic connections. Learn more about the festival creators. 

5. Yoga Community Event Experience

At its core, a yoga and music festival is about facilitating personal growth, building connections, and fostering a sense of community. Through group meditations, communal meals, and heartfelt conversations, the perfect festival should offer numerous opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and create lasting friendships. Drishti Beats is renowned for its vibrant and inclusive community, where people from all backgrounds come together to celebrate their shared love for yoga and music. When you experience a sense of unity and support from a community that lifts you up, you’ll realize the true essence of an exceptional festival.

Drishti Beats Yoga & Music Festival embodies the qualities of the ultimate transformational festival experience. Its serene location, inspiring music lineup, healing workshops, warm family atmosphere, and embracing community make it a standout festival. Embark on this extraordinary journey and discover a festival that will leave you with lasting memories. Learn more!

7 Best Yoga Festivals To Explore In 2023


Last updated: March 23, 2023

By Lori Lowell, Drishti Beats mentor, co-founder and fitness visionary, is the  2015 Julie Main Woman Leader Award recipient. She often interviews for Ask An Expert in Club Solutions Magazine, regularly appears on Club Industry, and is an accomplished E-RYT 500.

Best Yoga Festivals

No matter where you travel around our world, everybody loves to celebrate. And when it comes to celebration, festivals offer something for everyone. Whether it’s the arts and culture, food and wine, music and yoga, or religion you’re into, there’s a gathering somewhere that is just waiting to be discovered.

Each year there’s a growing number of yoga festivals around the world to choose from that cater to different types of yoga and provide different experiences. Do not worry! Whether you’re an experienced festival goer or just wondering how to begin exploring the festival scene, I got you covered! My team and I crafted a list of the best yoga festivals in the world so that you can start planning your dream yoga festival trip today.

Yoga festivals and music festivals are abundant and the yoga festival scene is hitting hard this year. The most important thing you need to know is how to pick the right and best yoga festival for you. A yoga festival can be a transformational experience… but it can also be a complete disaster.  Here are some things to consider when choosing the right yoga festival for you.

The 7 Best Yoga Festivals To Explore In 2023:

My goal for this article is to give you a well-rounded understanding on how to do your own research into the best and the top yoga festivals that are happening around the world this year. It is essential to weigh what each festival offers beyond the lineup and type of yoga that can be enjoyed during your visit. Think about the weather and facilities at the festival location for example. Are you ok with ridiculous heat temperatures, dry desert air, heaps of dust and miserable camping with gross facilities? Sure, porta potties are an “experience” too…

Festivals like to be in places where there is no weather meaning only a small chance of rain. This brings you to desert conditions. Other things to consider are huge humidity and potential rain for a uncomfortable camping experience and a lot of mud. You are always taking a chance. But if you set your mind to the fact that you will deal with whatever conditions and have a good attitude about it you will be fine.

So what do you want? Beautiful scenery, great weather, not too hot, not too cold, a warm hotel to sleep in and a connected community with heaps of fun options. Good food perhaps? A transformational experience? An opportunity to experience a myriad of yoga styles, teachers and music? Not too guru? Super cool destination? There are a few options to consider to ensure an amazing experience.

Below, I share some of the top yoga festivals around the world that are worth traveling to for an unforgettable experience.

1. Drishti Beats Yoga & Music Festival

Where: Aspen/Snowmass, Colorado
When: July 7-9, 2023
Ticket Cost: $85 - $349 + $12 fee

For some, there can be fewer more spiritual places to sit and contemplate than in the mountains. The ancient, jagged peaks, clear air and vast horizons serve as a reminder of our place in the world, bringing a perspective and dimension to life’s stresses that few other locations can offer.

So imagine for a moment how flowing in a vinyasa class or de-stressing in a soothing sound bath could feel in those surroundings? The Drishti Beats Yoga & Music festival explores the symbiotic connection between music, yoga, and the outdoors. Each carefully selected yoga class features a live music artist accompanying the teacher creating a beautiful and magical experience as you flow in the beautiful surroundings of the Rockies in Snowmass Village, Colorado.

As good locations go, the three-day Drishti Beats Yoga & Music festival is nothing short of spectacular. The skies are a sparkling electric blue, while the temperature hovers at that goldilocks range of high 70°F/°21C, low 80°F/°26C. Indian paintbrushes and blue bells dot the meadows, and the air seems to carry a certain fresh sweetness from all that’s in bloom. The Rocky Mountain peaks, unburdened from heavy snow, exude their full majestic glory. There are abundant trails for mountain biking and hiking, and the Roaring Fork River is a paradise for paddle-boarders, kayakers, and flyfishers alike.

During the day you will enjoy accessible yoga for all levels, educational Talks, great welcoming community, live music, a yoga market filled with artisanal vendors, and more. When the sun goes down and the yoga mats are rolled up, the evening music lineup of the top of downtempo, electronic chill and house music artists continue into the night so you can dance the night away. And since the hotels are right on the festival grounds around Snowmass Village, you can get a good night sleep and be refreshed for the next day to do it all over again.

Drishti Beats began its Journey (also the name of its first original track) as a live music vinyasa flow yoga experience in the music festivals scene. EDC Las Vegas, Okeechobee in Florida, Mysterland in the Netherlands and others were some of its first footsteps. Today Drishti Beats is among the Top Rated Yoga Alliance accredited yoga schools with its in-depth, fun, energy-lifting and globally connected 200 hour, 300 hour, and 500 hour yoga teacher trainings. So they are well versed in all aspects of yoga and know how to carefully select their teachers, speakers, musicians and artists for an enlightening yoga festival experience.

Website: festival.drishtibeats.com

2. Inspire Yoga Festival

Where: Verbier, Switzerland
When: 25-27 August, 2023
Cost: From $277

Lovely Switzerland. Fondu, chocolate, cows and snow-covered mountains. For many, the first season associated with Switzerland is winter. But some of the best of what is on offer is best experienced through Summer in Switzerland.

Nestled into splendid landscapes of Val de Bagnes in the south west of Switzerland, you’ll find the stunning resort town of Verbier. With rolling green hills of pastures covered in cows and wild flowers. The Inspire Yoga Festival was launched five years ago from a local yoga and fitness studio. The studio has a team of incredible therapists offering massage and other holistic treatments as well as fitness, pilates, and yoga teachers. The studio is open every day, with classes for everyone. Their aim is to provide holistic wellbeing for all.

The festival offers participants of all levels the opportunity to explore classes, workshops and holistic therapies, meet new people, and share experiences immersed in the beautiful Swiss Alps. Without a doubt the most popular activity in Verbier in summer is mountain biking. With hundreds of kilometres of maintained trails, epic scenery, and lifts providing access to downhill runs, it’s easy to see why.

In the evenings, the temperature can drop to below 46°F/°10C, making it perfect weather to test out the fireplace in your chalet. Even in the warmest months, be sure to bring a warm coat and plenty of layers.

One thing to beware of though. When you’re outside in full sunshine, make sure you’re wearing lots of sun screen. The sun can really burn up in the mountains.

Website: inspireyogafestival.com

3. Mountain Yoga Festival

Where: St Anton, Austria
When: August 31-3 September, 2023

This year’s festival is being run on the theme of diversity — conscious handling of variety in society — with 13 experts and yoga teachers guiding yogis through four days of wellness. The programme includes hikes, daily meditation, breath work and yoga classes as well as picnics and communities meals.

“In a time of constant acceleration, nothing can be more exhilarating than going slow. In a time of constant distraction, nothing is so luxurious as paying attention. In a time of constant movement, nothing is so urgent as sitting still.”

Expect a healthy food, Tyrolean hospitality, mountain yoga classes, and plenty of fresh air during this 4-day festival. Ticket includes all yoga sessions, hikes, meditations, workshops, talks according to the festival programme. Lunch on September 1st and September 2nd, 2023 at the GAMPEN RESTAURANT is also included, as well as the cable car ride on Friday and Saturday. If you are staying in one of the accommodation places in the holiday region of St. Anton, you will receive the St. Anton summer card at the reception. With this card you can use all cable cars for free.

Website: mountainyogafestivalstanton.at

4. Mammoth Yoga Festival

Where: Mammoth Lakes, California
When: 22-25 June, 2023
Cost: $499 + $32.01 service fee

Mammoth Lakes is nestled into the breathtaking Eastern Sierra mountain range and is the perfect backdrop for you to develop a deeper connection with your practice and your community. Over 4 days, the Mammoth Yoga Festival will provide you with yoga for all levels, educational immersions, speaker panels, live music, and plenty of vendors.

Flow from day to night. Move and groove under the Sierra stars as the days transition into exciting evenings of live music. Four days of yoga and meditation for everyone — regardless of age and ability — from kids yoga to SUP yoga, yoga for fitness instructors, hot yoga and much more. There are Barre and dance classes, functional medicine talks, meditation and moving meditation as well as talks on how to teach yoga around the world. With food vendors and live music in the evenings, this is a fully immersive experience.

Experience a place where everyone is welcome. Whether you’re discovering yoga for the first time, deepening your practice or expanding your wellness journey, Mammoth Yoga Festival offers options for all abilities and preferences.

Website: mammothyogafestival.com

5. Move Copenhagen

Where: Refshaleøen, Copenhagen
When: 24. – 27.07.2023

An old industrial area that was once home to one of the world’s largest shipyards, Now, Refshaleøen is home to cozy restaurants, cool bars, creative office spaces, activity centers, and music festivals. Only about a 15-minute-bike ride away from the city centre, this place is like a peaceful, undiscovered island in the middle of bustling Copenhagen. 

At Move Copenhagen they rethink what it means to move. They move, play, explore and inspire to rebuild the very idea of movement.

“Our purpose is to create better lives by making people move more and in new ways. And we believe that the best starting point is a welcoming world based on fun and fascination. That’s why we’ve created a festival for celebrating the diversity of movement.

We don’t have a leader, and we never pocket profits. Our only guide is a set of shared beliefs. We call it our credo.”

Move Copenhagen was founded in 2013. Their goal is to create a gathering for various movement forms, where you can get inspired to develop your movement practise. The guideline was to make people move more and in new ways.

And If you dreamed of sleeping “out in the wild” just bring your tent and camping gear as camping is free together with other movers at Move Copenhagen. You are free to camp from Sunday to Friday. Just note that no toilets and showers are provided outside the festival dates. Last year more than 400 people stayed at the camping site, creating a super cozy and super friendly atmosphere for all as the campsite is placed right at the center of it all. Move Copenhagen want the meals to be a central gathering for everyone. So they have created a dining area where everyone can enjoy their meal in a community atmosphere right in the middle of the festival site.

Website: movecopenhagen.com

6. Envision Festival

Where: Costa Rica
When: February 27 – March 6, 2023
Cost: From $729 + fees

Nestled between the jungle and the beach, Envision Festival is an awakening of the soul. Through an emphasized focus on our pillars of movement, spirituality, music, art, health, sustainability and education, it is so much more than just a music festival.

Envision’s mission is to create an eye-opening experience that turns us onto a new form of living; a new way to be inspired. To provide tools that can be integrated into the life we are already living or to inspire a complete shift in our life path. The connection to nature can be felt in every aspect of Envision and the ripple effect of what people then take away from the festival is much more potent than just a good party.

Whether you’re zipping through the jungle canopy, feeling the rush of a cool splash from a waterfall, catching your first wave, or ascending a misty mountain peak – Costa Rica not only packs an epic adventure; it reconnects you to the raw force of nature that awakens your inner wild. In moving toward a 7 day event, we invite you to take it easy, explore the area, maximize your experience, and truly root down into your being. Your illuminated presence in the world is needed now more than ever.

Traveling to Costa Rica and exploring its many ecosystems can be an amazing experience. The big question for many is how close you might get to creepy crawlies. After all, seeing them in the wild is one thing, but having a meet and greet just before bed time is another. In Costa Rica, the most common disease from mosquitoes is called Dengue Fever. It is most common in the rainier months (May-November) when there are more mosquitoes around. They won’t bother you if you’re sunbathing on the hot sand or walking in the heat of the day. But watch out if you are resting under palm trees, hiking on shady trails, or passing by wetlands, ponds, or rivers. Also be extra careful in the morning and evening hours when it is a little cooler outside.

Website: envisionfestival.com

7. BaliSpirit Festival

Where: Ubud, Bali
When: May 4-7, 2023
Cost: From $425 + $12.50 fees
Note: Ticket does not include Special Events, Masterclass, and Shuttle Service

The goal of the BaliSpirit Festival is to awaken and nourish each individual’s potential for positive change within, leading to positive change in our homes, in our communities, and around the world. Through the beneficial and inspirational traditions of Yoga, Dance, and Music, the BaliSpirit Festival embodies the Balinese Hindu concept of Tri Hita Karana: living in harmony with our spiritual, social, and natural environments. Committed, particularly, to nourishing our own home in Bali, the founders of the BaliSpirit Festival pledge to provide financial, logistical, and organizational support to local charities, with a special emphasis on children’s programs, multicultural education and performance, healthcare, HIV& AIDS awareness, and environmental conservation in Bali and greater Indonesia.

World renowned teachers, presenters and performers are selected with the intention to inspire attendees by showing them the possibilities to make a difference in the world. It is such a diverse festival that lights a fire in the hearts of everyone that comes.

The spectacular grounds of Purnati Center for the Arts is just 15 minutes from Ubud Center. The open-air venue is surrounded by lush tropical nature and a sacred river. It is a beautiful space with something new to be discovered around every corner. There are hundreds of workshops and classes that take place all day long. Music playing from noon until midnight, from local Balinese ceremonies to African Tribal drums. A delicious food selection with local and international cuisines cateres for all dietary requirements. And there is a Kids Zone loved by parents and children alike.

Many different styles of yoga and movement represented at the festival have included Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Laughter, Power, Anusara, Ashtanga, Silat, Capoeira, Poi, Qi Gong, and hula hooping. Dance styles draw from Mandala, Javanese, Balinese, Indian, and West African traditions. Each night ends with a music line up of global performers.

The BaliSpirit Festival is indeed a celebration—of the richness of culture, the sanctity of the environment, and harmony between people of all nations.

Website: balispiritfestival.com

Trust Your Intuition

Your thorough research around the different yoga festivals out there will leave your intuition telling you, “that’s the one.” Listen to your instinct; it rarely misleads you.

If you are new to the yoga festivals scene (welcome!) know that planning to join your first festival is not as difficult as you might think. Once you’ve done your research, you’ll notice that some focus on a more modern style yoga festival while others focus on a more traditional approach. Some have a beautiful blend. Whichever yoga festival, or festivals, you choose to discover this year, you should always feel free to be yourself and bring your own signature style of love and kindness ❤️.

Lori Lowell, Drishti Beats mentor, co-founder and fitness visionary, is the  2015 Julie Main Woman Leader Award recipient. She often interviews for Ask An Expert in Club Solutions Magazine, regularly appears on Club Industry, and is an accomplished E-RYT 500.

Drishti Beats Live edc 2022

Cultivating Concepts of Yoga Movement To Live Music | Aspen Daily News

Cultivating Concepts of Yoga Movement To Live Music

Among the plethora of summer festivals returning to the valley, a new one is making its way.

Among the plethora of summer festivals returning to the valley, a new one is making its way.

The Drishti Beats Yoga and Music Festival is coming to Snowmass Village July 8-10 for a weekend filled with movement, music and moments of spiritual exploration. From the daily lineup of yoga classes and speaker presentations to the evenings rolling right into back-to-back live music performances, the inaugural festival sets a fresh gaze on the spiritual experience.

What differentiates Drishti Beats from other festivals of its nature is the alignment of movement to music, said co-founder Lori Lowell. Throughout the daytime programming of yoga classes, every yoga instructor is accompanied by live musicians. Rather than moving through poses to background music, as is typical in most yoga classes, Drishti attendees will flow to live beats.

“It’s a performance,” Lowell said. “It’s a production.”

She added, “We really believe that movement to music takes people to a higher level of consciousness, it affects people in different ways. …The collaboration of yoga movement and music — that’s our whole philosophy.”

While Drishti Beats is a first-time festival, the organization came to being eight years ago when Lowell and her husband Jeremy, along with their three kids, started producing music specifically for yoga classes and performing this music live in the studios.

Drishti Beats Live edc 2022
Drishti Beats performing live at EDC Las Vegas, 2022

These downtempo electronic-chill tracks, accompanied by live instrumental elements, quickly picked up traction on music platforms, and the Lowells found themselves blending yoga and live performances on stages worldwide.

Having lived in Snowmass for 16 years, the Lowell family was ready to cultivate the Drishti experience at their home base. They planned to put on the first Drishti Beats festival in 2020, and when the pandemic paused their plan, Lowell said she and her husband pivoted their focus toward growing the online Drishti Beats Yoga Teacher Training Program — which has placed the accredited organization even more so on the global map.

Now, finally bringing the Drishti festival to life this summer, Lowell has curated a lineup of top industry players across all sectors of the experience. From reputable yoga instructors, as well as renowned speakers and electronic music artists, the festival features a mix of local and incoming leading participants.

Events will be happening in and around Snowmass Village, as well as a few ventures up mountain trails. All lectures are held inside The Collective building and yoga classes will commence at the Drishti d’OM — located next to the Village Express chairlift — or The Collective Garden outside of the building.

Each day, programming begins at 7 or 7:30 a.m. with back-to-back class options running until 4 p.m. DJ sets start at 5 p.m., and the night ends at 11 p.m. with a silent disco experience. There will be food vendors and jewelry and clothing pop-ups dispersed throughout the Snowmass Mall all weekend, Lowell said.

She mentioned that one challenge in putting on a festival of this nature in Snowmass Village is the lack of onsite camping options. With no camping spaces available, festival attendees traveling from places outside of the valley must find lodging — which can limit access.

Under the “accommodations” tab on the Drishti Beats Festival website there is a list of hotels in the area, ranging from luxurious to budget-friendly. The webpage also has links to Airbnb and Vrbo options.

Despite the camping barrier, Lowell pointed out many perks of the Aspen-area environment when it comes to the overall festival experience. As opposed to common festival camping grounds — such as Burning Man and Lightning in a Bottle — where festivalgoers are faced with heat and a desert climate, Aspen naturally cultivates more of an elaborate experience, she said.

“Come to Aspen and you don’t have to fight those festival elements; you’re in the beautiful mountains, the air is fresh and crisp and you have access to clean bathrooms and restaurants,” Lowell said. “It aligns itself with what Aspen stands for.”

The abundance and quality of yoga instructors, speakers and musicians make for an effective and intelligent three-day experience, she said. The proprietor hopes people walk away from the weekend sustaining what they’ve learned, applying yoga and mindfulness to their everyday lives.

“We’re excited to bring the magic in this capacity to Snowmass — it’s never been offered before,” Lowell said. “It’s going to be a beautiful event, and you can buy a ticket any way you want.”

There are many different ways to go about the Drishti Beats Yoga and Music Festival, and the organization offers a range of ticketing for the event. For attendees only wanting to experience the daytime yoga classes and lectures, there are one-day, two-day and three-day pass options. The same pass options — though different prices — go for those only interested in the nighttime DJ sets.

The full yoga and music three-day pass is $349. If ticket-buyers enter the discount code “setmefree” upon checkout, the pricing for the pass will fall to $329, according to Lowell.

All passes and ticketing options for the festival can be purchased at festival.drishtibeats.com.

Drishti Beats Festival 2022 (188)

Drishti Beats Yoga and Music Festival Press Release

Drishti Beats Yoga and Music Festival - Snowmass Village, CO July 8 - 10, 2022

Awaken your soul-deep in the mountains of Colorado for three days and nights of transformative music, yoga, and bliss with world-renowned performances, DJ sets, yoga classes, lectures, and beyond.

Drishti Beats was born out of the meshing of yoga and high vibrational dance music passions. A burning desire to create something genuinely unique between the yoga and dance music worlds came together perfectly through a fiery passion and crystal clear vision, and the Drishti Beats Vinyasa Flow Experience was born. Initially starting on small stages at niche festivals around fitness conventions and yoga gatherings, the Drishti brand has now prospered into a well-known, must-see yoga and live music experience. Drishti, as a band, has dominated significant music festivals like EDC Las Vegas, Lightning in a Bottle, European staple Mysteryland and many events in between. The live band provides chill electronic beats, melodic live voice, rap/beatbox, percussion, and saxophone to curate an experience truly one of a kind.

Drishti Beats Yoga and Music Festival will provide an eclectic yet refined selection of some of the world’s best DJs, yoga instructors, lecturers, and beyond.

Drishti Beats Festival 2022 (188)
Drishti Beats Performing Live at the Drishti Beats Yoga & Music Festival 2022

While on the yoga side of things, Drishti founders Lori and Jeremy Lowell bring their love (and ever-growing mastery) of yoga to the masses. From the first beat, they effortlessly glide and flow through various poses, postures, and positions for every skill level and ability, allowing one to feel perfectly at home on their mat and within themselves. Whether it is your first time taking a yoga class or you have surpassed your 300 hour yoga accreditation, Drishti Beats provides a safe space to breathe, relax, and flow as their spirited sounds and flows awaken your soul.

The time has come for Drishti to set their sights on the next chapter of their incredible journey as they dive headfirst into their own curated festival taking place in Snowmass Village, Colorado, this July 8-10. Drishti Beats Yoga and Music Festival will provide an eclectic yet refined selection of some of the world’s best DJs, yoga instructors, lecturers, and beyond. Set to deliver three days and nights of soul-shaking music, heart-opening yoga, mind-expanding workshops, lectures, art, and more, Drishti Beats Yoga and Music Festival truly has something for everyone.

Presenting Speakers

This year’s festival leaves no stone unturned in its quest to expand the minds and lift the spirits of attendees higher than they’ve ever experienced before, be sure to open your mind to the visionary concepts of Meow Wolf founder Vince Kadlubek as he dives deep into imagination and dishes on the birth and growth of the now behemoth immersive art installation. Also taking the stage over the weekend will be esteemed breath-work master Bryant (a.k.a iKAR) Wood will also grace the stage at this year’s festival as he transcends space and time through breath-work and energy practices to connect with his audience like never before.  

See the full speaker lineup posted here. 

Presenting Yoga Teachers

Leading attendees through a multitude of class offerings for all abilities, styles, and practices will be none other than yoga artist and connection catalyst Andrew Sealey. Sealy has opened the portal into a realm of personal growth and self-discovery through yoga, connection, and movement. A true must-see for all attendees on their journey of self-discovery. Also delivering his high-vibrational energy with the festival will be Jonah Kest. Through various modalities, Kest brings his knowledge of yoga, meditation, and training to the Drishti Beats stage, which is second to none. An accredited master trainer from Nike, Kest delivers a decisive direction for consciousness expansion through yoga. While attendees can find the entire yoga lineup below, the depth and breadth of our yoga lineup will genuinely provide something for everyone. All are welcome here for a judgment-free, exclusion-free weekend experience for yogis of all shapes and sizes.

See Full Yoga Lineup Posted here>

Presenting Music Artists

The vibes come up when the sun goes down, and the Drishti Beats Yoga and Music Festival will come alive in a technicolor whirlwind of glittering lights, booming bass, and mind-blowing sets from some of dance music’s brightest (and blossoming) stars. Three nights of dance-floor bliss await. Burning Man mainstays, Desert Dwellers, bring their deep, sensual dance floor grooves to the mountains of Colorado. Rounding out Friday, July 8, will be Axel Thesleff as he brings his mega-hit “Bad Karma” to Drishti and vibey sets from David Starfire and Tor along with Dj Taz Rashid, and local support TBA.

Saturday, July 9, catch a firey headlining performance from Phantoms as their scintillating synth riffs, powerful basslines, and infectious hits such as “Say It,” “Are You Up,” and more to this year’s festival. The California-based duo has racked up over 10million streams on Spotify alone and is approaching one million + regular monthly listeners. After touring the nation and playing some of America’s most prestigious festivals, Phantoms will be the weekend’s set to see come July. Also taking the stage on Saturday will be Mau5trap Records mainstay and Deadmau5 collaborator Attlas, and dreamtempo maestro IHF, Frameworks, and Earthcry. Local house DJs DJ Lo_G, Ryan Golbus, DJ Meeshel, and All These Diamonds will be warming up the dance floor on Saturday night. 

Sunday, July 10, brings us all back to Earth with some of the weekend’s most inclusive and mind-expanding beats as headliner The Polish Ambassador takes us on a journey through sound. His uplifting and passionate sonic rhythms bounce and undulate throughout diverse crowd favorites from his hit record, Pushing Through Pavement, and much more. This blissed-out weekend of music in the mountains will also feature festival-favorites Random Rab, Edamame, Bosa, and Lapa. At the same time, our weekend of connection, expansion, and love will eventually come to a close Sunday night. That is not before our entire collective experience culminates with a live performance from Drishti Beats themselves as we transcend space and time to find ourselves flowing in communal harmony on the dance floor. 

>> Tickets on Sale Now at the Drishti Beats Festival Website >



Drishti Beats Yoga and Music Festival unveiled its phase one lineup for 2020 including Desert Dwellers, IHF, Satin Jackets and more!

By Logan Garrison

Acclaimed downtempo-chill collective Drishti Beats has taken the next step along their journey to ultimate bliss after years of pairing yoga and live music together around the world. That’s right, they’ve announced their very own festival coming this July 17-19 to Snowmass Village, Colorado, just six miles from downtown Aspen.

The Drishti Beats Yoga and Music Festival will bring together a plethora of world-class yoga and fitness visionaries for one life-changing weekend of music and mindfulness in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Additions to this year’s lineup also include Friday night headliner and dream-tempo maestro IHF as he delivers a visionary blend of atmospheric electronica along with legendary duo Desert Dwellers.

Making their Snowmass Village debut this year is emerging world-house duo Bòsa. They expertly blend globally-inspired live percussion with a polished and evocative sound that pushes our imaginations to the edge of house music and back again. Global bass music pioneer David Starfire will also be gracing the decks alongside Drishti Beats for an intimate sound healing session.

Not only will the Drishti Beats Yoga and Music Festival highlight some of the brightest names in dance music, but it will also feature top names from the yoga and fitness world as well. This year’s presenters include a headlining Vinyasa flow yoga class from Drishti Beats as well as American yoga icon Mary Beth Larue, local favorite Aaron King, and Pam Maraldo.

Additionally, yoga and fitness visionaries Michelle Lemay and Luis Rosario will present Groove Temple, a one of a kind immersion class fusing world dance music and high-intensity yoga flow. Attendees can expect three days of mountain magic as this year’s festival takes over the stunningly beautiful Snowmass Village.

Stay tuned for more artist announcements coming in the second phase. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased via their website.

Lineup By Artist:

  • IHF
  • Satin Jackets
  • Bosa
  • David Starfire
  • Dj Lo_G
  • Drishti Beats
  • Mary Beth La Rue
  • Aaron King
  • Pam Maraldo
  • Michelle Lemay & Luis Rosario Present: Groove Temple
  • Stephinity Salazar
  • Lawrence Biscontini
  • Yuri Rockit
  • Jenna Pfingston
  • Asaf B. Goldfrid
  • Jeanne Custard
  • Stacy Lei Krauss
  • Alysia Lowell
  • Bobby L’hereux
  • David Mills
  • Jessica Iams
  • Jamie Butemeyer
  • Moi
  • Ariel Lowell
  • Jamie Deluccio
  • Julia Clarke & Brian Dahlen Present: Sonic Vinyassa
  • Beth Mobilian & Lindsay Patterson
  • Alec Lowell